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Poetry is not just another book with chapters that tell a story, but it is a way that shows how other people and communities can relate without having to say a word directly to one another. In poetry, words not only come alive on a page, but they tell a story. 

They can depict exactly how you feel at any point in your life depending on the book. Poetry is a way to express yourself through your words even when you don’t know what to say. If you’re looking for a short but impactful read here’s a list of powerful and moving poems for this winter:

  1. “Soft Thorns” by Bridgett Devoue

“Soft Thorns” by Bridgett Devoue is a poetry book that goes through five chapters about dealing with trauma, heartbreak and the ups of being a young woman. This book represents the trials and tribulations of Devoue’s life and how she uses poetry to cope with her wins and losses. 

“As women, we’ve grown deaf to the whistles and whispers that come with walking down the street. We’ve learned to keep our heads down, growing small into shells we’ve never asked for. These habits leave scars that will never heal because we were born into a world where our bodies do not belong to us” Devoue said on page 164. Devoue writes in her chapter “Heal” to express the oppression of women in society and addresses how healing will be difficult due to the generational silence women have faced. 

  1. “Soft Thorns Vol II” by Bridgett Devoue

“Soft Thorns Vol. II” by Devoue is about the pain in love and the different levels of love. Devoue does a deep dive into love, infatuation and finding yourself. Throughout the book, Devoue recognizes how feelings can be confused and toxic manipulations in various situations throughout her relationships. This poetry book encapsulates a young woman going through major milestones, emotions and experiences in life. Devoue takes readers on a journey through everywhere possible about the feeling of being wanted, unwanted and finally accepted in love. 

  1. “Her Vol I”  by Pierre Alex Jeanty

“Her Vol I” by Pierre Alex Jeanty is the first in its series that describes the way of women, although it is written by a man. Jeanty describes the power, resistance and beauty of women throughout his books. 

“Don’t expect her to just get up and forgive. Have you known anyone who has been shot in the heart and didn’t bleed or suffer from the pain it brings? To demand that she acts like it didn’t hurt and put that in the past easily is to ask her to be a robot, rather than a human who feels. Leave her to heal” Jeanty said on page six. This poem references that women are pushed to not only heal fast by society, but also forgive and move on with life as if we don’t have the time to progress on our own. Jeanty explains the resilience of women and the sour parts of healing and remaining strong simultaneously that women go through.

  1. “Her Vol 2” by Pierre Alex Jeanty

“Her Vol. 2” by Pierry Alex Jeanty is the sequel to the previous book, but Jeanty takes a different approach in this book. This book does an analysis on self-love and self-hate of women and their mental well-being. The constant theme throughout this book is the distinct types of love and the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships with romantic partners. Not only does Jeanty evaluate the separation between lust and love, but he also acknowledges the ways in which women are confused in different scenarios and situations.  

  1. “Apologies That Never Came” by Pierre Alex Jeanty 

“Apologies that Never Came” by Pierre Alex Jeanty is a poetry book that dives into apologies from partners, family members and friends for individual levels of hurt. In the poem “Missing You”, on page 67, Jeanty writes, “They wait until your love for them goes missing to start missing what they missed in the first place. Here comes the devil asking you to be his again after you finally walked out of hell and dipped your toes into the air of heaven. Healing comes with many beautiful things but on its path are planted ugly things disguised as blessings that you’ve always prayed for. There’s no greater trap to keep you from moving forward.” Jeanty uses his words to describe and detail the apologies for pain and sorrow. 

Poetry isn’t for writers only or for lovers of books. It’s a diverse category of reading that can be a powerful way to pass the time or share with others in need of encouragement. Poetry can be written in ways of expression or about anything that relates to you. It can help you realize more about yourself as an individual. Poetry is a gateway to discovering who you really are.

Kiyanna Noel

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Hello, My name is Kiyanna Noel and I am a senior majoring in Journalism: Magazine at SUNY Plattsburgh. I am a staff writer for Cardinal Points, All Points Now, and now Her Campus. I am also a Creative Member for Her Campus. In my spare time, you will mostly find me gardening, reading poetry or sketching.