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Zoey 201

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here: they have opened up the time capsule from Zoey 101. I am assuming you have all seen the short, so if you have not, you need to open up YouTube and watch it before you read this article because this is a major spoiler alert. It has been 10 years since the time capsule was buried on the show. How old do you feel now?!

To start out the episode, the writers did a “Ross said Rachel’s name at the wedding” kind of thing. It starts with an adult Chase and his girlfriend of three years sitting in a restaurant. He shows her a ring, and then says, “Zoe… [clears throat]… Alyssa…” But this slip shows that Chase is still not over Zoey, and that he tried to get over her with his new girlfriend. 

Michael then walks into the restaurant and tells Chase that he went to PCA and dug up the time capsule. He immediately took it to Chase because he just automatically knew the exact coordinates of where Chase was and did not have to call him; I guess that was something he learned how to do when they spent several unrealistic years attending a school we, as twelve-year-olds, all wished we could go to.

Michael hands him the DVD that Zoey made for the capsule (she apparently talked about Chase in the video), and Chase tells him that they are not actually allowed to look at the DVD for another ten years. But Michael reminds him about something Zoey told Chase ten years earlier – it flashes back to Zoey and Chase ten years ago when Zoey told him he could watch the DVD in ten years instead of twenty.

When he realizes this, he starts asking everybody in the restaurant for a DVD player. Because it’s Zoey 101, one guy had a VCR. I know – a VCR. When future children watch this, sadly, they will not get that joke. Anyway, they can’t find a DVD player, so luckily Michael wrote it all down. But before he reads it, Chase has to take out his giant headshot of his Zoey from when she was seventeen. Mind you, Chase’s girlfriend is still sitting there!

Michael starts to read the transcript to Chase, in which Zoey talks about Chase being her best friend and possibly even her soulmate! He proclaims his love for Zoey to his girlfriend, who still hasn’t left the restaurant. (I mean, with my past guy luck, I probably would have stayed too, but Alyssa – girl – the headshot should have been your cue to leave. Chase starts to leave the restaurant and comes back over to Alyssa and takes the ring. Of course, Michael was still there and had to end the short with a joke. He asks Alyssa if he could take a bath at her house. Wow, he has learned to be pretty straight forward since Zoey 101 ended. I’m surprised he didn’t just say, “Hey, sorry for ruining your relationship, but I’m available!”

I’m sure there will be more, but we just have to wait for it to happen. CHOEY FOR LIFE.

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