Your Guide to the Ultimate V-Day Charcuterie Board

Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with your significant other, gal pals or family, you need to treat yourselves to a decadent spread! Preparing and enjoying a V-Day themed charcuterie board will be a fun activity to do while celebrating at home or virtually. Check out these tips and links to get you started!

  1. 1. Use a variety of red, pink, and white colored foods

    Pink, white, and red hearts

    To truly be Valentine's Day themed - and Instagram worthy - your board should be decked out in shades of red, pink and white. Candy, strawberries and homemade treats are a go to. Inspiration: Chelsey Curtis

  2. 2. Add heart-shaped treats

    Show some love with heart-shaped goodies! You can either buy some from the store or make your own. Cookies are an easy homemade option. For added fun, decorate your homemade cookies with red and pink icing and sprinkles. Inspiration: A Pumpkin & A Princess

  3. 3. Mix sweet and savory

    The Lalacheese Plate

    Balance out the sweet on your board with some savory options. Try cheeses, nuts, meats or pretzels. Inspiration: Inspiration for Moms

  4. 4. Pick out a themed board

    meats and biscuits tray beside wine glasses

    A wooden board is always a classic, but you can make your set up more festive by using a heart shaped platter or a board that is red or pink. Inspiration: Treehouse Threads

  5. 5. Arrange your food in patterns

    This is the best part - aside from eating it! You can make your designs simple by putting your food in rows or grouping them in clusters. You can put your food in a pattern, or mix it up across the board. Use little heart-shaped dishes for dips. Be creative! Inspiration: How We Do

For more ideas, search "Valentine's Day charcuterie board" on Pinterest.