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You Might Be a STEM Major If…

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

If you ask anyone on campus about STEM majors, you’ll probably get one of two responses: a non-STEM major who thinks we’re honestly the worst (and we just might be) or a STEM major who makes sure you know just how hard it is to be a STEM major.

Since I spend 90 percent of my time surrounded by STEM majors, I started noticing things that are very common to all of us. So, without further ado, I bring to you: You might be a STEM major if…

…if you exasperatedly declare how much you hate your major on a daily basis.

Most STEM majors will be seen at least once throwing their hands up in the air and exclaiming, “Why did I even choose this stupid path?! I freaking hate *insert major here*!” but they would never consider majoring in anything else.

… if you have a love-hate relationship with lab.

Let’s be real, actually getting to do real science is pretty great, but dragging yourself out of bed at 8 a.m. to go do science… not so much. I won’t even get started on lab reports…

taking English and history classes for gen. eds. is the bane of your existence.

Sure, being able to write and read effectively is important, but if you want to take any classes more interesting than intro to literature or U.S. history, you can end up being one of the only STEM majors in a class full of history or English majors. Not only do you have to perform excellently in your STEM classes, you have to compete with people who have dedicated their lives to the liberal arts subjects.

…your friends complain about midterms week, but you can’t remember the last week you didn’t have a midterm exam.

Midterms week is terrible for everyone, and STEM majors are no exception because of gen. eds. requiring papers and exams. If you’re a STEM major, you have the added bonus of exams in your major being a set schedule of one every three to four weeks in every class. This works out in one of two ways: you have at least one exam every single week or you end up with exams in every subject all in the course of a week.

… you can give the “Lab Safety” speech from memory.

Wear your safety googles. Tie your hair back. Do NOT leave burners unattended. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK THE REAGENTS. You get the idea…

…you get really excited when you learn something that explains something you noticed in real life.

There is nothing more exciting than learning about something in class and having an “AHA!” moment when it finally explains something you’ve seen or wondered about. These moments remind us, even in times of desperation, why we chose our majors and how excited we are for the future!

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