You Know You’re an Introvert When…

There are so many different types of introverts. You can be a social introvert, a thinking introvert, or a mix of them. Most introverts have a lot in common. These are some tell-tale signs that you are an introvert!

1. You walk into a crowded place and you just…

2. You make an exit plan for every social situation you are in.

3. You go out one night and you’re done for the next two weeks.

4. You’re that person that stands in a corner all night with a bowl of food.

5. If you have to meet new people, you automatically think of ways to avoid it.

6. Your phone dies in public and you have no way to avoid small talk.

7. It takes too long to respond to something because it needs to be well thought out.

8. Then someone ruins your response.

9. Someone sits right next to you on the bus, even though there are 10 other empty seats.

10. You’re always late to things because you were trying to think of a reason not to go.

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