Wine and Snack Food Pairings

Have you ever been snacking and realized that something important was missing – maybe some wine? Well, I have scourged the wine archives to bring snack-food and wine pairings to you. So ditch the overplayed wine-and-cheese parties and throw some snacks in a bowl for a snack-food-and-wine party! Still, remember that it is ultimately up to your pallet to decide which wines pair best with any type of food – this is just a starting point.


Don’t let this be your wine and cheese party – spice it up with some snacks!


Chocolate Chip Cookies + Cabernet Sauvignon

The chocolate chips in the cookie pair well with the dark, bold flavor of cabernet sauvignon.

Cheez-Its + Riesling

Though original Cheez-Its are basically cheddar, they are also extremely salty, so you want to pair it with a Riesling. It is a sweeter wine, so it will offset the salt.

Potato Chips + Champagne/Merlot

If you’re craving potato chips (and wine), grab some bubbly! Or, if you are more of a barbeque chip fan, which has a heavier flavor, pick up a merlot.

Fresh Fruit + Dry White Wine

If you are choosing to be healthy, go for a dry white wine to pair with your fresh fruit. My favorite type of dry wine is usually any type of German riesling.



Pretzels + White Zinfandel

Pretzels are quite salty, so you want to pair them with something sweet. A white zinfandel will offset the salt of the pretzels.

Nacho Cheese Doritos + Riesling

There is a nice cheesy, spicy flavor to Doritos. To offset that, choose a sweet Riesling.

Gummy Bears + Sauvignon Blanc

Instead of using gummy bears to soak with vodka, pair them with a sauvignon blanc. The gummy bears will offset the acidity of the wine.

Hershey Kisses + Cabernet Sauvignon

Rather than one flavor offsetting the other, the chocolate and cab sav complement one another.



In addition, here's a reminder from my last article: Buttered popcorn pairs well with a chardonnay, and chips and salsa pairs with riesling!



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