Why You Should Stay In On the Weekends

It’s the time of year where everyone is feeling the stress from midterms and homework. Going out Thursday through Saturday night is more tiring than fun now, but you’re running out of excuses to not go to that frat party with your friends. Here’s why you should stay in on the weekend:

1. It’s too hot/cold.

Pittsburgh weather changes in a split second. In the morning, it’s winter jacket weather, by midday, you’re dying from heat stroke, and, by night, it’s sweater weather. Who wants to be freezing on the way to a party? 

2. It’s “Catch up on Shonda” Night.

Because we all want to know what happens to Annalise on How to Get Away with Murder.

3. You can recover from a long week.

College is stressful — use this weekend to relax after a long week!

4. Midterms/finals.

C’s might get degrees, but who doesn’t want an A??

5. Your bed.

The best thing about staying in is your warm, cozy bed. Don’t leave.

6. Solitude.

It’s good to be by yourself sometimes, especially after dealing with human interaction all week. You don’t have to fake liking people when you’re by yourself.

7. You want to give your body a break.

Going out is rough on your body. Staying in isn’t. You choose.

8. You can talk to your family.

When was the last time you called your mom? Your dad? Yeah, go do that.

9. You need to wash the dishes. 

It’s time for that pile of dishes to get washed. Cockroaches are NOT fun.

10. To avoid the sweaty bodies.

Sorry, I don’t want random people’s sweat all over me.

11. To avoid people you’d rather not see.

Fake it ’til ya make it…or just stay home where you don’t have to see last week’s one-night stand.

12. Because you can do whatever you want. 

You don’t need excuses to not go out on the weekend. Do what feels right for you, not your friend!

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