Why Being Single During the Holidays Is Great

Mistletoe.  Matching sweaters.  Couples ice skating.  Couples sleigh rides.  Couples baking.  Couples shopping.  Couples, couples, couples.  Personally, I would rather get shot in the face than have a significant other during the holidays.  You do not have to be an introvert to enjoy alone time.  It offers an opportunity to be independent and your unapologetic self.  Being single this time of year is truly joyful, and here is why it should not daunt to you.

Single, alone, and lonely have vastly different connotations.  Single describes someone who is not opposed to seeing other people, but they are not in a relationship.  Alone means you are not in a relationship, which may be upsetting.  Lonely means you have no one: like a polar bear stuck on an ice cap because of global warming.  This independence offers freedom to travel, visit family, or sleep all day.

Buying gifts is a hassle, but not this year.  You can save money and skip the awkward gift exchange.

Holiday parties are bound to be lit.  Being single gives you the chance to party with your friends, guilt-free, and meet new people.  Plus, there are usually less commitments to attend when single.  However, if you are someone who cannot be alone and wanted someone to spend the holidays with, there is a good chance that your relationship will end shortly after winter.  Avoiding this urge means you do not have to worry about the awkward Martin Luther King Junior day breakup.

No shave November is not limited to men.  Women are free to outgrow leg and armpit hair, if they so choose.  They can become Chewbaccas during November.  Then December.  Then January.  Then February, why not?

In addition to becoming Chewbacca, single women also do not have to deal with the pressure or judgment if they gain a little holiday weight.  “Do I look fat in this, doggo?”

Speaking of dogs, they are all better companions than people, typically.  They are sweet, loyal, soft, and good boys.  You are never alone when you have a dog.  #BFFF (best furry friend forever).  Take your dog for a walk, buy them new toys, or use them as a blanket.

Being single provides us the opportunity to grow and find our identity.  It is okay to be single, alone, and lonely this holiday season.  Ice skate alone, watch How to Be Single or The Holiday, buy yourself a gift, praise your recent work performance or grade, and treat yourself to wine or sweets.  Remember, just because you are not in a relationship does not mean you have to be alone or sad. 

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