Which South Oakland Bar Are You?

Once you turn 21, there are many bars in our neighborhood that you can enjoy. They are all different, and there are reasons to go to each before you leave Oakland. Depending on the day or how you feel, the bar you choose to go to may change. This quiz can help you pick which you want to visit or reveal the bar with which you identify the most.  


What type of atmosphere do you look for in a bar?

A) Lots of music and people. I like being around people.

B) You can find me sitting at the bar or standing around. I don’t have a preference.

C) I like the option of choosing what I want to do.

D) I’m around the bar usually and go outside to get air sometimes.

E) I like to chill around the bar and by the pool tables.

F) I like smaller spaces that are dark. I like an ambience that sets the mood.

Outfit of Choice

What do you usually wear to the bar?

A) I like to make a good impression.

B) Sometimes I don’t change after class and go right to the bar.

C) Something that I don’t mind getting dirty

D) Usually what I’m wearing that day

E) Whatever I want, probably Steelers gear

F) It doesn’t matter because it’s really dark.



What is your drink of choice?

A) I have a usual, but every once in a while, I try something new.

B) I like to try new things, and I love a good deal.

C) Beer!

D) Specialty shots… the crazier, the better!

E) I have my go-to and the bartender knows it.

F) I like to get big drinks and get a bunch of them.


How much do you usually spend at the bar?

A) Usually way too much

B) Whatever I believe to be a fair amount for what I get

C) I spend a decent amount at the bar, but I don’t go crazy.

D) Not too much

E) As much as I want

F) It adds up quickly with drinks and food.



When you go to a bar, do you get food as well?

A) I don’t usually get food at the bar but go for food after.

B) I like getting food at the bar; I usually wait for it to be discounted.

C) Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Depends on the day.

D) I make sure to eat before!

E) Not really my thing

F) If it’s discounted, yes!


What are your thoughts about music at the bar?

A) I love music in general, especially nights that have specific genres.

B) There is a time and place for loud music at the bar.

C) I like it in the background, and every once in a while, I’ll belt it out.

D) Every genre can be heard. I enjoy most of them.

E) The bar isn’t about the music; it’s just in the background.

F) I like there to be music playing, but it isn’t my main focus.



Where is your bar located?

A) It has a great location on campus.

B) My go-to bar is really close to the hub of campus.

C) Further away from campus

D) In the middle of South Oakland

E) I prefer to be as far as I can get from campus.

F) Down the street from my friend’s apartment



What types of people are at the bar?

A) There are always a lot of 21st birthdays.

B) A lot of groups of friends are here, just hanging out.

C) Sometimes there are older people there, but there’re also a lot of college kids. Smoking is allowed.

D) I’m with some people I know but not too many.

E) A lot of locals are around.

F) Mainly all college kids, not many large groups of people either



If you got mostly A’s: Peter’s Pub

Congratulations, you are Peter’s. This bar is a go-to here in Oakland, especially for 21st birthdays. Be sure to get your horns and a Panther Bomb! This is an exciting bar that sometimes has a line and cover to get in (downside). There's always good music and fun people, plus there's an upstairs, so you have options.

If you got mostly B’s: Hem’s

You are Hem’s – one of the most popular bars in town. This place probably has one of the most interesting menus around. There is space to sit down, a larger back area and a DJ sometimes. You like to go out, but you also like chill nights with your friends.

If you got mostly C’s: G-Door

G-Door has quite a reputation. If you haven’t had a pickle shot or a pudding shot, get on that soon. Also, I’m sure you are well aware of their schedule, and karaoke is a must. G-Door is great for a chill night out or a night full of plans.

If you got mostly D’s: Gene's Place

A pretty chill bar that recently got rid of smoking inside. Located in South Oakland, it is very convenient for students and people around the area.

If you got mostly E’s: Bootlegger's

You are Bootlegger's: a bar with many locals and lots of character. You don’t like huge crowds and like to hangout with friends at the bar.

If you got mostly F’s: Mad Mex

You are Mad Mex! This is the place for margaritas. It’s a little dark, but it’s also tons of fun! Mad Mex is a smaller place with amazing food and people. You are all about the ambience, food and drinks. It’s also very possible that you love it so much you might be a regular.


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