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Where: Crepes Parisiennes

Location/Distance to Campus: It’s a nice 15 minute walk from Hillman if you’re up for it, or take any 61 going toward Shadyside

Price: $ (treat yo’ self)

Tucked away in Oakland is Crepes Parisiennes, a small restaurant that features savory and sweet crepes along with servings of coffee shop favorites. When you walk in, you’re immediately taken away from the noisy streets of Pittsburgh and from the twenty-seven assignments and three exams you have for your five courses. A few tables line the sides of the restaurant, and you order at the counter in the back before finding a seat (this is very important and several signs are in the restaurant to make sure you follow this rule). You get a table number while you sit and wait for your meal to be brought to the table. You can either chat with your friends, type out a paper or just watch them actually make your meal through the little glass window upfront. Soft music plays in the background, and you can literally feel the stress fading away like your self-promises for the new semester did.

On my Friday afternoon visit here I got the Smoked Salmon Crepe with Crème fraise.  The salmon is extra smoky, which compliments the simple flavor of the crepe. It also comes with a small salad that includes fresh mixed greens and mandarins, so if you’re anything like me you’ll feel extremely healthy and overly proud of yourself for eating one. The health inspiring salad comes with a light vinaigrette, which I was tempted to lick off my plate. Their savory fillings are extensive with offerings like ham and cheese, another favorite of mine, which you can also add an egg to. They also have a selection of paninis, which are filled to the brim with gooey cheeses. If your not in the mood for something savory you can always get sweet crepes, which are topped with a heavenly serving of whipped cream. This section of the menu basically has any of your wildest, sweet dreams. The highlights of these sweet pockets of joy include the Nutella and the maple syrup with berries.  Not to be forgotten among the large food menu are the drinks. Standard coffee beverages are there, with the highlights being the café au lait and chocolat chaud, aka French hot chocolate. They also have a small menu of ciders if you’re feeling like a little afternoon buzz is needed.

Overall it’s not as cheap as a meal from a chain on Forbes, but do not let that dissuade you. It’s worth the price to feel like you’re in Paris, outside of the beer cans and half-drunk water bottles of vodka littered streets of Oakland. So get a couple friends, but not too many as seating is pretty limited, for some crepes and coffee. You deserve to relax for an hour or two, maybe even stop into Snow Lion imports right next door and grab yourself some incense.


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