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I’m a strong believer that your go-to dating app says a lot about you. I’m going to preface this post with I’m only going to be mentioning dating apps that I’ve personally used!


If you’re go-to dating app is Tinder, my first thought is that you like instant validation, a lot. There’s nothing wrong with that at all! I love to take a good scroll through Tinder every now and then and see how many matches I can get with people who I think I would like.

Second, you like to have options. This is also not a bad thing, you see the value in having your choice from a lot of different people. You probably are the one in the friend group who doesn’t stick to one “type” of partner. This is a huge advantage for you because no one can call you out for who you tend to go on dates with when the group chat is roasting itself.


You love making fun of people, and that’s also how you chose to flirt. If I scrolled through your photos, there would probably be at least 5 screen recordings of ridiculous answers to the voice prompts that you listen to when you need a good laugh. This probably scares a lot of people away though, so while you’re a pro at getting a first date, you probably haven’t seen many second or third dates (totally not a self roast).

You’re also very selective with who you want to take a chance on. Hinge only gives you so many “likes” per day, you know that and you would never just throw them around blindly. You use Hinge because you want to make genuine connections with people without having to worry about timers on conversations.


If the first dating app you open up is almost always Bumble, then all I can say is you have more confidence than I will ever have. Women have to be the ones who make the first move, which is great if you have a bold personality.

I unfortunately do not.

You also either have a great memory or are always on Bumble. I can’t tell you how many potentially good matches I’ve lost simply because I forgot to check the app and ran out of time to message someone first.

No matter what dating app you prefer, you’re an amazing person worthy of so much love. I hope you found this article humorous, and good luck out there trying to find “the one.”

I'm a mechanical engineering major with a passion for sustainability and green energy. In my free time I love to skateboard, drink coffee, and listen to music.
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