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What Your Favorite American Girl Doll Says About You

Growing up, you probably either had an American Girl doll or you wish you did. Each doll came from a different historical era with a unique background story that you could read all about in their book. However, I honestly think most girls tended to pick the dolls based on which accessories or outfits they came with. Nevertheless, nine times out of 10, the doll you picked as a child probably became your obsession for a while and may have even influenced your personality. So, forget your zodiac sign or enneagram type because your favorite childhood American Girl doll will reveal everything you need to know about who you truly are.


If you had Felicity, you were probably that kid in class that was always reading, but now you can’t even get through one chapter of a book. You value being unique and different from your peers, which is why you had one of the less popular dolls. You get obsessed with certain things, whether that be a television show or a new hobby, but then tend to get over these obsessions pretty quickly. You’re definitely a bruh girl.


If you had Samantha, you were probably drawn to her because she was the “prettiest” doll with the best accessories. It’s likely that you were fairly privileged growing up and admired Samantha’s posh and girly style. You’re a great listener and advice-giver, but, at the same time, you love talking and being the center of attention. Like Samantha, you’re into fashion and following the latest trends.


If you had Kit, you probably wrote a lot of short stories as a kid and dreamed of becoming an author. You might even be a communications or journalism major now. You tend to overbook your schedule and don’t like to ask others for help even when you need it. You also pride yourself in being the funny friend, although a lot of your humor is self-deprecating.


If you had Molly, there’s a 99% chance that you wore glasses as a child and only picked her because she had glasses too. You were probably a shy and reserved kid but broke out of your shell as you grew up and are now the biggest extrovert. You love to take charge of planning things and tend to make all the plans for your friend group.


If you had Addy, you were probably labeled as “mature” and “wise beyond your years” as a child. It’s very likely that you (or your parents) picked Addy because she was one of the only dolls that wasn’t white. Now that you’re older, you probably look back and find it discouraging that 1.) there is barely any diversity in the doll/toy industry and 2.) the only black American Girl doll happened to be a slave whose accessory was a gourd (I mean, seriously, how can you play with a gourd?) You are probably majoring in something in the humanities. You’re also very observant and down-to-earth.


If you had Kirsten, you were very creative and were known for being able to problem-solve and think outside the box. You may have been reserved, but deep down you were very opinionated and had a lot to say. People may label you as sensitive, but really, you’re just in touch with your emotions. Now that you’re older, you’re probably a perfectionist who puts a lot of pressure on yourself.


If you had Josefina, art was definitely your favorite subject in school growing up and picked Josefina because she was into painting. Either that or you just picked her because she had pretty earrings. People describe you as very chill, but deep down you see yourself as a bit high-strung. You are 100% the mom friend.


Madelyn is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh double majoring Psychology and Communications with a certificate in Corporate/Community Relations. Outside of writing and editing for Her Campus Pitt, she is also a member of CHAARG and Gamma Sigma Sigma. In her free time she enjoys watching horror movies, making Spotify playlists, exploring Pittsburgh, getting coffee and working out.
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