What Your Computer Stickers Say About You

Almost everybody has stickers on the backs of their computers. Whether you have a Mac or a PC, you style your computer according to what you like! So, what do your computer stickers really say about you?


This is a very simply decorated MacBook. This person loves Apple products and probably loves the movie Up, which might mean that they are a kid at heart!


This computer is decorated with a painting by Matisse. This person is probably very creative and expressive and loves art.


This is clearly a laptop owned by a vegan. They are a part of PETA (because of the bunny), they believe in feminism, and they want everyone to live happily together. They also have the chemical structure of serotonin on there, which could mean they are a psychology or other science major.


Social media is everywhere on this laptop! They love One Direction (sorry about Zayn!) and maybe even apple juice. They love their school and all of their friends (the little square stickers are pictures that they have taken of their friends), and they seem very outgoing. They also love to stay in on social media: Youtube, Tumblr, and Instagram.


Don’t you just love traveling? This person has been to London, Montana, South Carolina, and more! They might have an adventurous spirit and a thing for being immersed in different cultures.


Harry Potter, peace symbol, The Lion King, Pitt, eating: a mix of different stickers! This laptop shows a very down to earth type of person because of the almost monotone scheme of the Mac.


This is a very pop-culture inspired computer with a hint of feminism. This person might love old (and new) movies, and they probably love staying in and watching them!


This laptop is filled with computer game references, social media references, and other technology related stickers! This person loves their technology and games. They seem very down to earth with a unique sense of humor.

Hopefully you found something that relates to the stickers on your laptop! Shout out to everyone who sent me pictures of their laptops.


Image Credit: All photos from members of Her Campus Pitt