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What Starbucks Drink Would You Order Based on Your College Major?

There are two things that millennials can really relate to: college and Starbucks. Although there are many different majors, almost every type of person ends up in a Starbucks line at some point in the day. Here are six Starbucks drinks that specific majors would order!

1. Engineering: ESPRESSO SHOT

Let’s be honest – do engineers ever sleep?! This is the only drink that would give them any energy to continue pulling all-nighters!

2. English: TEA

C.S. Lewis once said, “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” Tea helps people, especially writers, feel sleepy or awake, depending on the type. In addition, it has antioxidants that help your immune system! A reason why tea helps writers feel more creative is because usually when you’re making and drinking a lot of tea, you’re giving your brain a break from working. Sometimes you think of your best ideas when you give your brain a break!

3. Business: DARK ROAST

When you think of a business person, you think of their “straight to the point” attitude, their sharp taste in clothing, and their vibrant personality. A dark roast is all of these things but in drink form!


When you think of a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, you only think of good thoughts. Psych majors are like this: open-minded, accepted, and loved by many.

5. Communications: PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE

What’s similar between a communications major and a PSL? They both like to relate to the youth. Communication majors enjoy figuring out what is popular in our culture, and the PSL will always be popular.

6. Education: HOT CHOCOLATE

Since these students will eventually have to deal with kids constantly, they have to have a certain personality in order to not fail: straight to the point, simple and classy – with lots of fun on top (whipped cream!!). When you order a Starbucks hot chocolate, you know exactly what you will get, and it will never disappoint.

Didn’t see your major? Leave in the comments below what you think people in your major would order!


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