What Pokémon You are Based on Your Major

I’ve always loved the vast diversity of Pokémon, and during quarantine, I’ve had some time to get reacquainted with the hundreds of Pokémon out there. This got me wondering what type of Pokémon would I be, and by extension what my peers would be? This resulted in me and my brother trying to figure out what Pokémon each major would be, so behold our ultimate list that answers the question: what Pokémon are you based on your major? (based partially on fact and partially on how much we like these Pokémon)

  1. 1. English

    As an English major myself, English majors are 100% Eevee. This Pokémon can evolve into any type of Pokémon, just like an English major’s story. We all start off with the basics of writing, but we end up with a fully evolved and unique looking story, just like Eevee and its evolutions! And hey, maybe I’m biased, but we're pretty cute too.

  2. 2. Political Science

    I’m also a political science double major, so again I’m about to be a little biased. However, I think all political science majors can see themselves in Pancham. This Pokémon is super cute but also super strong. Pancham breaks the mold (literally) and isn’t afraid to fight for what it believes in. Plus, I can totally see Pancham reading the news and wading through policy briefs for class, which is something every political science major knows all too well.

  3. 3. the Sciences

    Despite Chansey’s soft exterior, this Pokémon is definitely a student of the sciences. In the cartoon, Chansey is seen working with Nurse Joy to help heal Pokémon and even hatch a few eggs. This Pokémon isn’t just good for the nursing and biology majors though; Chansey clearly has an affinity for good science and experimentation. Science majors can rejoice knowing that they’re represented by such a STEM icon.

  4. 4. Engineering

    Klink is an obvious choice for engineering majors; I mean, it’s literally two small gears. These two gears are tightknit and work as a single unit. Just like engineering majors, perseverance and team work are this Pokémon’s defining features.  

  5. 5. Psychology

    Despite their being an entire psychic type of Pokémon, Meditite is the most reflective of the psychology majors. As someone with a few psychology major friends, I can attest that self-care is majorly important to psychology majors. Meditite takes self-care so seriously that it goes into the mountains to get a good meditation session in. He’s also got a bit of fight in him for when the going gets tough, which psychology majors can probably relate to. How else are they supposed to get through finals week?

  6. 6. Computer Science

    Porygon was created using computer programming, so it’s only fitting that it represents Computer Science majors. This Pokémon is known to scour the web in search of suspicious data, making him well versed in computer technology. Just like a Computer Science major, Porygon spends many, many hours with computers just trying to make sense of it all.

  7. 7. Education

    Togepi is a bit of an off choice for education majors, but hear me out. This little guy lives in its shell, which is said to be filled with ~happiness~. As a daughter of a teacher, I can confirm that this ~happiness~ is probably made up of glitter or random gifts from students. This cute little young Pokémon represents whatever education major knows all too well; a very innocent looking student that may or may not be trying to avoid homework with it’s cuteness.

  8. 8. History

    Amaura is a fossil Pokémon that was regenerated, which I think might be every history major’s dream. I mean, who doesn’t want a glimpse into the past, especially if that glimpse is this cute. This Pokémon is known to be on the quiet side but is super sweet, just like many history majors I know. I just know this Pokémon’s big eyes are full of knowledge on random eras of history.