What NOT to Bring to College

If you're going to be a freshman this fall, you've probably looked up hundreds of "what to bring to college" lists. Those are helpful, but there are many items on those lists that you don't really need. So to free up some space in your car and dorm room, here are a few things I found it unnecessary to bring to college from my two years of experience:

1. Bed risers

For years these have been established as one of those “can’t live without” things you need for your dorm room, but they're honestly not necessary. Most dorm beds have adjustable notches that rise or lower your bed (aka built-in bed risers).


2. Printer

Your college will provide you with a print allowance for the semester, and there will likely be plenty of print stations around campus. And once your printer runs out of ink or paper, you probably won’t use it ever again.


3. Anything your college already provides

If your dorm room already comes with a trash can or full-length mirror, don't bring your own! Check your college’s housing department website to see what is already provided in each room.


4. Vacuum

You may think you’ll vacuum your room every week, but the truth is that you won't. Plus, someone on your floor or the dorm building will probably have a vacuum that you can use when your room gets really dirty.


5. More than one suitcase

Packing your clothes in a suitcase for move-in is great because you can use that suitcase when you go home for breaks. Bringing more than one, though, is unnecessary and will take up a lot of space in your dorm.


6. TV and DVDs

If you think to bring a TV to your dorm just because you've always had one at home, don't bring one! The lounge on your floor may have one and you can find almost anything on Netflix nowadays. Also, who uses physical DVDs anymore?


7. Every single picture you ever took in high school

It's nice to bring a couple of your favorite pics from high school to decorate your room, but bringing every picture is just way too much and a bit weird.


8. A thousand decorations

Going along with the last one, don’t bring a thousand decorations. Decorating your dorm with tapestries and fairly lights is fun, but don’t go overboard.


9. Stuff from high school

Don't bring t-shirts and jackets from your high school sport days. You will automatically look like a freshman and it's best to just leave all of high school behind you. Plus, you will get plenty of free t-shirts during orientation.


8. Lanyard

Just don't, please. You’ll thank me later.


9. A lot of nice clothes

It's good to bring a couple of nice outfits for fancy events, but don't plan on wearing nice clothes to class every day. After the first two weeks you will find yourself wearing a t-shirt and jeans almost every day. Instead, bring more casual clothes.


11. A ton of food

You are going to college, not a deserted island. You don't need to bring all the food you ever plan on eating the whole year with you on the first day. It will take up so much unnecessary space in your car. Instead, bring enough to get you by for a little bit. You can go shopping at the nearest grocery store or Target when you arrive on the first day. Plus, your school will have a convenience store where you can buy snacks whenever.


12. Air mattress/sleeping bag

It's nice to think of your friends when they visit you, but you don’t need to provide them with an air mattress/sleeping bag. They will be fine crashing on a couch somewhere. Besides, these things will take up so much space in your room for the one time you'll probably ever use them.


13. All your purses

I made the mistake of bringing my whole purse collection and I felt so stupid. You won't need a purse very often and when you do, bringing just one or two will suffice.


15. Books to read for fun

You will not have time to read books that aren't for class, even if you are the most avid reader. But if you insist, just bring one.


16. Real kitchen utensils

It may be nice to have some real dishes and silverware, but you will not want to wash them in your communal bathroom sink. So just do yourself a favor and bring plastic plates and silverware.


17. Kitchen appliances

Don’t bring Keurigs, blenders, or any other small kitchen appliance. As a freshman you will eat most of your meals in the dining hall, and preparing food in these appliances in a small dorm room is more work than it’s worth.


18. Small tool kit

I’m not sure why you would need this throughout the year except for move-in and move-out. So, just have your parents bring some tools in the car for these two days.


Feel free to still bring these things with you to college, but for me they just wasted time, money, and space. Also, get excited because move-in day is just around the corner!

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