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What I’m Looking Forward to in ‘Euphoria’ Season 2

After last week’s season 2 premiere of Euphoria, I’m beyond excited for the new characters (Dominic Fike!!!), plot lines and makeup looks that the season is going to bring! Here are some things I’m hoping for when it comes to season 2.

ashtray’s character development

In the first season of Euphoria, we see Ashtray during drug deals or exchanging Kat’s bitcoin for cash in the drink cooler, but he’s basically just an extension of Fezco’s character. A much-needed backstory on Fez and Ashtray finally aired, and we’re seeing Ashtray as a larger character in terms of his and Fez’s brotherhood, which I am looking forward to learning more about.

possible return of bb aka vape girl

Okay, I’m gonna be honest and say that I genuinely didn’t even realize that BB was gone until I saw a Tiktok about it, but I think she was actually a very realistic character and deserves to be in season 2. She usually pops in and out of episodes, so fingers crossed she shows up at a later point.

Less Male genitalia???

Season 2 continues Euphoria‘s obsession with unwanted full-frontal displays of naked men for a reason I can’t explain. Maybe it’s to fight the gender imbalance of nudity in television and film or simply for shock value, but I think I can speak for all of us when I say the scene where Cassie gets out of the tub and sees a guy with no pants on the toilet looking back at her was so unnecessary.

king fez, queen lexi and a possible relationship

First of all, I am so happy that Lexi is getting the screen time she deserves. Second, I am LIVING for her and Fez’s unexpected, yet absolutely perfect chemistry together. I honestly don’t care about any other relationships this season because I will be so focused on these two hopefully getting together (if Fez didn’t already ruin it…)

dominic fike.

That’s it. I’m looking forward to more Dominic Fike.

a strict friendship between rue and jules. Please.

I’m over their relationship. Rue and Jules were the least exciting part of the season 2 premiere, and I can’t do another season of their situationship drama. Please, I am begging the writers to just make them friends again so other couples can have more storylines. Also, it was so sudden and random they got back together? All it took was one conversation about when and why Rue relapsed, and then they kissed and made up.

I already know that some of my hopes and dreams might be impossible in Euphoria‘s season 2 because of the different trailers I’ve seen, but I’m staying hopeful that this season will be even better than the last one if that’s even possible.

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