What Her Campus Pitt Did This Summer

Happy start of fall semester from Her Campus Pitt! Over this past summer, our members seemed to see and do it all; from Moscow to marketing internships. Luckily, they’ve also decided to share their summer highlights with you!

"I worked at Main Line today as a Digital Media intern!” – Kyleen

“I hosted my first-ever July 4th picnic which involved lots of rosé, getting absolutely poured on by a thunderstorm, and taking cool photos with sparklers on my friend’s rooftop.” – Caroline

 “I went to Vegas with my best friend and our moms, which included seeing the Chippendales.” -  Dominique

“I studied abroad in Moscow, Russia! I was a student at Moscow State University. I also got to travel around Russia.” – Haley

“I worked at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh as their Marketing and Communications Summer Associate!” - Kate

“I did a lot of traveling with my boyfriend which was super fun! My favorite place we went to was Longwood Gardens, which is where this picture was taken!” - Jess

“I hiked in the Smoky Mountains with my family.” - Sierra

“I went to Montreal, Canada (this is the view from the hike up on the city’s mountain!)” - Emma

“I did a ton of traveling with my best friend Anna! I went to New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia! My favorite stop was easily Acadia National Park in Maine. It was gorgeous and got to do some great hikes.” - Hannah

“I went to the Bahamas, Universal Studios (mostly for Harry Potter!), camping, and I turned 21!” - Mariah

“I went to Haiti for 5 days on a service trip! We packaged food, ran a kids camp, and handed out filtration systems in Leveque!” – Monica

“The best part of my summer is when I got the chance to travel to Copenhagen & Rome! It was an unforgettable experience, and I can’t wait to go back to Europe! ” - Katherine

“I saw Paramore and Foster the People with my sister in Philly!” - Corrine


Here’s hoping that our school year will be just as eventful as our summers. Good luck to everyone this school year from Her Campus Pitt!


Photo credits: 1, all other photos are from members of Her Campus Pitt.