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What A Guy’s Instagram and Facebook Pics Say About Him


Girls may not always get along or see eye to eye, but there is one thing that every single one of us has in common: we are better than any private investigator or detective when it comes to finding out stuff about a guy. We’re not total stalkers, but with social media all up in our face, it becomes pretty addicting to totally creep on the hottie from the floor above or the new crush from last week’s party. But when we’re perusing his different social media accounts, how can we tell what kind of guy he is?

The Jock

Here we have your #1 high school stereotype – a guy with a perfect bod to match his perfect pair of Jordans. He is most likely to upload photos and post about (you guessed it) sports. Pics of him at the gym, a new pair of cleats, and the game-day field will flood his feed. Always sporting his athletic gear, you might get a little caught up in imagining his perfect pecks under that Under Armour hoodie, but beware! This guy may have the tendency to get a little cocky– just a little too confident– and might think he’s too good to settle down. He’s competitive, so watch out for him potentially competing with his bros for you just for fun and games.


But, if you’re not looking to settle down, he’s the guy to go to for a hookup.

The Situation

Yeah, we’ve all seen them! This guy is continuously taking photos of himself at the gym, in the bathroom, in his dorm room…sometimes flexin’…most likely throwing up a peace sign. He probably goes tanning, spikes his hair, and rocks a t-shirt that’s 3 sizes too small, and he might be more self-involved than is needed for a serious relationship. Most likely not a shy guy, he’s probably fun and can go out with confidence (thumbs up to that). But when it comes down to it, there can only be one diva in the relationship, and we all know that’ll be you!


This guy needs to be put in the friend-zone, but surely can come with you to go to the gym, tan, and do laundry…GTL baby.

The Funny One

The one dressed up in a monkey suit in the Oakland Zoo or sporting a bikini at a Halloween party, this guy is always cracking jokes. He can be hysterical, fun, and actually pretty creative – but watch out for him turning the jokes on you. You might be laughing you’re a** off one second and the next your face is turned bright red. You need someone who won’t take life too serious, but there’s a time and place for the wacky outfits and outlandish comments. Often times, the funny guy is better left for a random laugh, because his crazy antics can get tiresome.


This guy is perfect for hitting up to chill after a rough breakup, ‘cus he is sure to crack you the eff up.

The Pretty/Artsy Boy

Ahhh, this one can be hard to resist. He’s the type to post a beautifully taken photo of himself, his pearly whites, and something irresistible – like him holding a kitten. He may upload artistic photos or a beautiful quote, and you get all 7th grade girl and start gushing. But he might be the biggest player of all! He knows that puppies, baby siblings, and pics with his grandma are going to make our hearts melt, which gives him access to a vulnerable side. He could take advantage of your mushy hearts and turn them broken.


This guy may be better off as a flirty fling and nothing more! We gotta have something cute to look at.

The Burnout

The fat blunt or bottle of Cîroc are indications that this guy likes to get his party on – but in a more relaxed way than The Situation. He knows where to score the best, um, “recreational substances,” but posting on the Internet might not score well for him. He may think that he does not have to abide by the laws, which is not okay! If he can’t keep his habits off of social media, he might put your relationship drama on there too. If the real laws do not apply to him, the laws of your relationship might not either.


This guy is the perfect for a quick laugh at his wild partying stories, but should be avoided in the dating world!

So, next time you’re creepin’, alone or with girlfriends, keep in mind what pictures may say about your potential beau. He may or may not live up to those expectations, but always keep an open mind. Never deny a guy the chance to get to know you based off of Facebook or Instagram – you wouldn’t want him to do it to you! Just be smart about it, and don’t forget to exit out of his profile pictures on your phone next time you two chill… ‘cus if he sees it, it could be a just a little awkward.


Photo one courtesy of http://gizmodo.com/5900352/breaking-facebook-bought-instagram-for-a-billion-dollars

Photos courtesy of the respective celebrity’s Instagram or Twitter pages.

Katie is a 19-year-old sophomore majoring in Nonfiction English Writing at the University of Pittsburgh. She is Pitt's Her Campus Secretary and a summer intern in the Corporate Communications Department at Crayola. If she's not obsessing over her nails, you can find her reading the Huffington Post or rewatching episodes of "Girls." She hopes her major and certificates in Women's Studies and Writing for the Professions will allow her to help others through writing and activism. You can follow her on Twitter [@katiescrivellaro] or on Instagram [@katiescriv_]
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