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What Girls Wear that Guys Find Attractive

I talked to a bunch of guys on Pitt’s campus and asked them to give me one thing they would pick out that looks attractive on a girl. And, I even gave them a few options to get them started (jeans, blazers, heels, etc).  By making their choices anonymous, the guys got honest and weren’t afraid to actually express what they like. 
Then, a recent poll on our site asked girls what they expected guys to say.  The majority of girls chose yoga pants, which surprisingly, weren’t the option any guy chose first.  In fact, very few voted for some of the things guys like the most.  Check out what they had to say!

1)                          Glasses.  Yes, even I was a little bit in shock when numerous guys’ first instinct was to say glasses were their favorite thing on girls. Even as someone who wears glasses, I usually opt out of wearing them around campus and chose to wear my contacts instead.  However, there is something about them that makes me feel smarter when I wear them, and one guy simply described glasses as something that “cute girls wear that makes them even cuter.” So maybe all of us glasses-wearing girls should sport them around campus a little more. Or, for those of you with perfect vision, try a pair without corrective lenses for the same look.
2)                          Sundresses. I’m sure many girls are actually pretty happy to hear this, considering we love wearing sundresses in the spring and summer.  They’re comfortable, pretty, and the right dress can suit a wide range of body types.  There’s something about wearing a flowing, perhaps floral, sundress that helps release any girl’s free spirit.  Some of my favorites this spring are: the Nasty Gal Weekend Dress, the Nasty Gal Dot Cutout Dress, and the Topshop Chintz Floral Dress.

        Watches. “Women who wear watches [are attractive] because watches are classy, mature, and really underdone,” one guy said.  Personally, I’m a major fan of watches both for their visual appeal and for their convenience.  And I also agree that they’re definitely underdone.  This sleek watch from Marc Jacobs is pretty pricey, but definitely worth the quality. Marc Jacobs, and other designers, have a whole slue of gorgeous watches to choose from that it’s hard to pick my favorites, but keep in mind that some may look better during different seasons.  For example, white watches tend to go more with summery looks, whereas silver and gold go just about anytime of the year. For those of us who can’t break the habit of using our phones to check the time, there are also unique bracelets with watches incorporated for a trendy look.  For example, try thisLa Mer Neon Wrap Watch from Urban Outfitters that serves both as a watch and as a fun, colorful wrap-bracelet for the spring and summer.
4)                          Jeans and a blouse.  This combo is definitely a pretty, casual, and classy pair that guys say they like. So instead of jeans and a sweatshirt, flatter your figure with a pretty blouse top instead. This Skipped Beats Blouse from Anthropologie is an elegant, abstracted-print blouse that would look great with the perfect pair of jeans. You could dress it up with jewelry for a night out, or keep it simple with pearl earrings for a day look. This Sheer Rose Shirt from Forever 21 would also work perfectly with jeans and sandals or heels. And lastly, this stunning blue Finley Blouse from Aritzia is a great choice and keeps in line with current spring trends.

5)                          Blazers. These have shown up consistently for a few seasons now as a popular trend for women.  And apparently, guys like them too. Now that spring is around, we can still wear blazers with shorts, or with jeans and heels.  In fact, one guy specifically said blazers look great when paired with heels.  Since we’re ditching the darker colors of the fall and winter, try bright, bold blazers with neutral tanks or tees underneath and simple bottoms.  A few of my favorites are: a cherry or jade colored Angular Open Blazer from Forever 21, a satin Shrunken Chevalier Blazer from Aritzia, and a Sparkle & Fade Drapey Striped Blazer from Urban Outfitters.
6)                          Yoga Pants. Now, we can’t hide that guys love these on girls, but they actually weren’t the first things on their mind.  Still, since they love them and they’re super comfortable for class, a workout, or just for lounging around, we might as well wear them!
I’m not saying we should only dress to impress guys, because confidence in what you're wearing should come first. However, these girl and guy approved options are great for spring and if you wear them around campus you never know—you may catch someone’s eye!

*This is not a summation of all guys opinions, just a poll. Your style is always up to you!
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Claire is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, double majoring in Nonfiction English Writing and Communication Rhetoric. She is one of two Campus Correspondents for HC Pitt and has held internships at Redbook Magazine and Verve Social Magazine. Claire is from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, not too far from New York City. Her interests include fashion, writing, traveling (she spent a semester abroad in Australia!), and spending time with friends and family. Claire aspires to obtain a career working for a fashion magazine in New York City after she graduates.
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