What to Do When the Noms Strike

It could happen at any time. While you’re all snuggled in your bed watching Netflix… in the middle of a 2 pm class… DEFINITELY while you’re studying hard for those upcoming finals. They creep up on you quietly and stealthily, especially on the days when you’d compromised a slice of pizza for a salad (hold the dressing), faithfully upholding your promise to be “good” in preparation for summer.

Well. You try to resist, but it’s not long before you realize that submission is imminent.

There is simply no use in fighting when you’re struck with the… (dun dun dun)


We’ve all been there. It starts out with a nibble, continues with a crunch, and ends with five empty boxes of Girl Scout cookies (and maybe just a sliver of regret).

Don’t get me wrong – the noms can be a beautiful thing. But while we’re munching away, we might as well be nourishing our bodies with something that won’t give us a nausea that will “tagalong” for the rest of the day. (See what I did there?)

Here are five quick and healthy ideas to try for the next time you get the noms!

1. Hummus and Veggies: This is a classic. So much color, so much texture, so much variation! Peppers, carrots, cucumbers – the options are endless. Plus, garnishing your hummus with some spices can bring it to a whole new level! Cayenne, zaatar, and paprika are some of my favorite ways to go. Try them out! Your tummies and taste buds will thank you.

2. Popcorn: This one’s especially good for those Netflix nights we all love so much; and with as few as thirty calories per every delicious, air-popped cup, you can munch, munch, munch away feeling 100% guilt-free (just as long as you steer clear of any movie-theatre-butter). And again – SPICES. I can’t stress this one enough. Ever try popcorn with onion powder? Muuuuy delicioso!

3. Pretzels and (insert healthy fat here): There’s a REASON people say “two is better than one” – and that reason is pretzels and peanut butter! Salty, crunchy, tasty, healthy – what more could you possibly want out of a snack? Except for maybe some added chocolate. Make that dark chocolate. That’s healthy, right? 

4. Edamame: Something about popping those green little protein powerhouses out of their shell is just so much fun. Try them with a little bit of salt. If you’re feelin’ really adventurous, sprinkle on some Parmesan cheese! Either way, edamame makes for a simple and energizing snack that’s totally munchable. Nom. 

5. Last but not least, Apple slices and Greek yogurt: This combo is definitely one of my favorites! Take it to the next level by mixing a little almond butter and cinnamon into the yogurt to give it a subtle sweet-and-salty kick! This snack covers all the bases: calcium, protein, and the sugar to keep you energized for those long study hours OR for an afternoon workout!   

Keep these options in mind for the next time the noms strike! And if none of these ideas seem enticing, that’s OKAY! Just remember – good and wholesome snacking is all about variety and customization! What delicious combinations will you concoct?


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