The Weather in Pittsburgh as Told by Parks and Rec

If the Pittsburgh weather has you a little confused lately, you’re not the only one. Thankfully, the cast and crew from Parks and Rec know just how we feel…

…When it is 60 and sunny one day and -15 degrees out the next.

…When the forecast calls for rain so you bring an umbrella, but the rain never comes.

… When the forecast doesn’t call for rain so you don’t bring an umbrella, and it pours.

… When the weather breaks so you think maybe spring is coming.

… But it was a lie and the next day you have to dig out your fleece leggings and heaviest winter coat again.

… When the forecast looks almost too nice to be true.

…When you tell yourself that a few more weeks of winter won’t kill you.


… When you realize you’ll probably have to endure SEVERAL more weeks of nature’s mood swings.

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