Ways to Avoid Wearing All Dark Colors

Ah, now that fall is officially here a lot of things tend to change - drug stores are full out decorated and stocked with Halloween decorations and candy, and people are tweaking their appetites for autumnal foods and drinks.  But the biggest change this season? Wardrobe! Everyone loves pulling out their scarves, boots, sweaters, and pea coats.  However, year after year, it feels like fall styles and colors tend to stay the same.  Browns, dark beiges, maroon, olive green… it never changes—here are some ways to avoid only wearing dark colors this fall season!

Change the makeup


One of the greatest things about fall is breaking out the dark lipsticks and smoky eyeshadow palettes.  It can be a lot of fun to experiment with new makeup looks and have an excuse to buy even more maroon lip colors.  Sometimes, though, it’s kind of hard not to feel like we resemble Wednesday Adams.  So if you’re set on a dark sweater and black leggings, try to switch up the makeup.  A fresh and natural face can make your look less dark and gloomy.  Instead of a deep, dark purple lip try a berry shade.  And instead of a smoky eye, just keep it simple with a basic palette with warm tones. 




Even the smallest accessory can completely transform a look.  Use a fun and bright colored nail polish that would seem a little unexpected for the season like bright yellow, or buy a pair of colorful knee highs that’ll peak out of your tall brown boots.  Stores like Urban Outfitters and H&M seem to never run out of all kinds of socks and tights.  They’re cheaper than a completely new wardrobe and you can still where those warm fall colors.  You could even trade your typical fall purse with one that you normally use in the spring.  It’s enough of a statement but won’t change your whole look.

Get a New Purse


Purses are sort of a seasonal thing.  Winter uses a big heavy tote full of crap, you bring out your more colorful one in the spring, use a cute little clutch or giant and bright beach bag in the summer, and pull out the dark and leather for the fall.  Instead of using a dark purse to store your stuff in the fall go for something a little more colorful!  Who says you need to instantly switch to that dark brown purse just because the temp dropped?  Try something a little bit more fun, like a cranberry bag or something in the yellow family.



Okay, so they’re a little bit permanent BUT they’re cheaper than a whole new wardrobe! Take one of your boring sweaters or long sleeved shirts that needs a face lift and add a fun, unexpected iron on to it.  You can find some of the coolest and most quirky iron on patches at stores like Urban Outfitters or Wild and Grizzly.  It’s a quick transformation to a boring outfit. 

That one statement piece


When it comes to fashion and being very into clothing a lot of people tend to feel like you can only wear something so many times before needing to go on another shopping spree.  While it’s fun and exciting to buy new outfits, especially at the start of a new season, I think there’s something comforting in having one or two great statement pieces that you proudly wear over and over again.  Having a piece that stands out amongst the rest of your wardrobe is a great opportunity to create a bunch of different outfits.  In this case, it could be a mustard yellow suede skirt or a bright red lace dress perfect for layering.  That way when you feel like all week you’ve been brown on navy on black you can switch it up with that statement piece and incorporate those dark fall colors.  It’ll feel less drab but still very seasonal! 

So, the next time you think of just putting on the same dark gray sweater with leggings and boots, reconsider your options! There’s a lot of great ways to brighten your wardrobe - even during this crisp fall season! 

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