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Unapologetically Ambitious: The Book You Didn’t Know You Needed

Shelleye Archambeau is a classic. I first learned of her when she spoke at the University of Pittsburgh’s CBA Diverse Leaders Summit.  Archambeau is a pioneer woman who became one of the first female African American CEOs in Silicon Valley. During the conference, she gave students a wealth of information and to my delight, she gifted attendees with copies of her book.

When I began reading her book, Unapologetically Ambitious, I had no expectations, I simply wanted to learn more about her story. This proved to be a good thing because this book was better than I ever could have fathomed. 

I have read many growth and self-improvement style books, but none have been as accessible as this one. I loved this book! Archambeau has a gift for storytelling that few others possess. Each story about her life contained a hidden lesson that she highlighted and further broke down for the reader. Her style of writing made the book easy to read, understand and follow up with actionable steps. 

Archambeau’s approach to storytelling demonstrates that there is a lot one can learn about the professional world through being proactive in one personal world. Archambeau is a regular person who designed her extraordinary life.

I believe that Archambeau’s most poignant message in the book is that setting and achieving your goals is not rocket science. Yes, it takes planning. Yes, it takes discipline. Most of all, it takes execution, but it can be done. This is a message that I, as a young woman striving to be great, needed to hear. This is a book that I plan to reread and reference for years to come.

Part of what makes Archambeau a great business woman is that when she sees a demand, she provides a supply. Not only did Archambeau supply a book, she over delivered. 

I think that every young professional should purchase a copy. Archambeau’s book is a masterclass in bringing your full self to the workplace, but most of all to the world. She is one of the greats of our time.

Gabee is enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a dual degree: a BA in Media and Professional Communications with a specialization in Digital Media and a BS in Psychology. She loves listening to a good podcast/Audible, watching Youtube, and finding good food. Whenever she is not writing for Her Campus, Gabee is strategizing about how she can be the best broadcast journalist she can be!
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