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The Ultimate Spring Break Bucket List

Spring break is almost here! Even if you aren’t going anywhere exciting, you can still have fun. Use this bucket list as your guide to a successful spring break.

1. Go on a hike.Get some fresh air and head to the nearest walking trail/hill with your friends or family. It’s fun and good for you!

2. Try new food.You know that new Thai restaurant that opened down the street? Get a group of friends to go and try it out with you.

3. Go kayaking.Grab a kayak and some oars and hit the water! Maybe you’ll see some cool fish and other wild life.

4. Go on a road trip.Road trips are huge part of my life, so I highly recommend this one. Get your closest friends together and drive to wherever your heart desires. Your friendship will grow, and you’ll experience new parts of the U.S.

5. Go camping.Spend a night in the woods under the stars with friends and family.

6. Go to the lake/beach.Rent a boat, a canoe, a kayak or just go swimming for the day. Don’t forget sunscreen!

7. See a drive-in movie.Look up the closest drive-in movie theater and grab your best friend or SO to go see a show.

8. Go on a brunch date.Wake up early and go to a little diner to eat breakfast or brunch.

9. Finish a book.Remember that book you started a year ago and still haven’t finished? Lay out under a big tree and read it!

10. Go to a bonfire/campfire.Bonus points if you have a campfire on the beach!

11. Catch up on sleep.Go ahead and sleep all day. Relax before you’re thrown back into the crazy college life!


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