A Trip to Market as Told by Spongebob

Market Central. One of the most well-known places on Pitt’s campus for students to grab a bite to eat. The infamous dining hall comes with an array of ups and downs, and its food can leave you feeling better or worse than when you walked in. If there’s people who can represent a trip to market more, it’s the characters of Spongebob.

Eating your first meal as a freshman…

…vs. going to Market for the 100th time

…vs. when you’re an upperclassmen begging for people to swipe you in

When Ophelia swipes you in

When you come at the perfect time for the grilled chicken to be done

And then sometimes you feel like this is how they make the food

When there are no open tables

Then you see a couple hardcore cuddling and not even eating


After you enjoy/tolerate your dinner, you look forward to soft-serve

Only to find the soft-serve machine is, yet again, broken

And who can forget spending hours doing homework there during finals week?

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