Top Drinks to get in Pittsburgh Before You Graduate

For all the seniors out there, this is your last chance to get your favorite drink specials in Pittsburgh. Even if you’re staying in the area, there’s something to be said about these college drink specials. So here are some of my favorite drinks you should definitely try before you graduate!

Shot Pitchers at Hemingway’s

If you haven’t been to Hem’s yet, you’re missing out. Their shot pitchers are super sugary and delicious and !!BONUS!! they have gummy worms in them. I’ve spent many nights using my straw as a chop stick to fish the gummy worms out of these pitchers. My personal favorite flavor is the Long Island pitcher, especially on a Thursday night because it’s only $4. All the other pitchers are $8 but there’s always a special depending on the night of the week. Other favorites that my friends have are the Mother of Dragons, Orange Crush, Cathy on Acid, and the Red Headed Woman in Control of her Own Body (best name ever).

Pickle Shots at Garage Door Saloon

I personally have not had a pickle shot at G door because I despise pickles, but these are infamous for being delicious. They’re cheap and apparently they don’t taste like alcohol at all. If you want to really commit, then make sure to buy an alcohol-soaked pickle from the bottom of the barrel. I’ve heard that these are super strong and only the true pickle lovers should attempt these. If you’re not feeling the pickle shot, definitely try the trash can. It’s a combination of alcohol with red bull and it’s a good bang for your buck.

Yinzerita at Steel Cactus

there’s something to be said for having one from Steel Cactus. Basically, it’s a frozen margarita with a beer of your choice sticking out the top. These are half priced during happy hour from 5-7 Monday through Friday and you can get some cheap appetizers with them as well!

Liter of Beer from Hofbrauhaus

Thursday is College Night at Hofbrauhaus in Southside and they are a necessity to visit. When the live band is playing it’s a blast because everyone stands on the tables and dances to the music with their liters of beer. I’d recommend the Hefeweizen if you want a smooth beer that tastes similar to (but better than) a Blue Moon.

Panther Bomb from Peter’s Pub

Even if you’re not graduating, it’s a necessity to stop at Peter’s on your 21st birthday and get your “horns” or a Viking hat that they’ll give you. Panther bombs are delicious and they’re a combination of Red Bull and a mysterious blue liquor. It’s a fun drink to take and the colors can only be found at Pitt. While you’re at Peter’s, another must have is the apple pie shot. According to my friend, it tastes exactly like you’re eating a piece of pie.

Urban Tap Mimosa Flights

If you’re hitting up Southside or Shadyside, make sure to try the mimosa flights at Urban Tap. These are a brunch classic and are apparently delicious. Urban Tap also has some excellent brunch deals on Saturday and Sunday for the mid-morning after your night out.

Jalapeño Margarita at Condado Tacos

If you’re obsessed with margaritas like me, then you have to try the jalapeño margarita at Condado Tacos downtown. It sounds strange but it’s actually a delicious drink. Plus, if you want to try out other flavors, you can get the margarita flight. You get 3 margaritas starting at $12!

Big Azz Margarita at Mad Mex

Okay, just one more margarita just because they’re so delicious. A must-have before you graduate are big azz margaritas from Mad Mex. These are $7 after 9 pm Monday through Friday and they’re well worth it. Also, a pro tip: you can combine flavors of the regular margaritas for free! I tried a raspberry mango margarita last time I was there and it was fantastic.  

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