Top 5 SNL Sketches from a Girl Who is Obsessed with Comedy

Saturday Night Live is a sketch comedy show that began on October 11, 1975. Over the years, it has seen a number of talented actors, including people like Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, Will Ferrell and many, many more. Once I reached what my parents considered an “appropriate age,” I was allowed to watch SNL, and let’s just say I was hooked. Ever since, sketch comedy has been one of my favorite things to watch. While there are many different ways to watch and enjoy sketches, SNL is still a classic option that hosts some of my all-time favorite sketches.

  1. Toilet Death Ejector - I think we’d all like to imagine we’re super mature adults who are far beyond potty humor, but when you throw John Mulaney into the mix, well, just about anything is funny. This episode as a whole rocked, but this particular sketch had me and my brother laughing and reciting the lines for days.

  2. Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood: Christmas - Pittsburgh was home to Mr. Rogers, a widely famous children’s show host known for his red cardigans and calming personality. Mr. Robinson, on the other hand, was a take on the Mr. Rogers that the man himself did not particularly enjoy, but boy did young me love it. Eddie Murphy did many Mr. Robinson sketches, but this one was the first one I saw, making it an instant classic for me.

  3. Birthday Party - Host Ryan Gosling couldn’t keep his laughter in during this sketch which arguably made it ten times funnier. Aidy Bryant, the star of the sketch, gets progressively more aggressive about her affection for the birthday girl’s dad.

  4. Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base - If you’re a Star Wars fan, this sketch is a must watch. Even if you don’t care for the popular sci-fi universe, the sketch has some A++ jokes. There’s a sequel to the sketch that came out recently that is also a hilarious watch.

  5. Close Encounter - Kate McKinnon is an SNL legend, and this sketch perfectly exemplifies just how hilarious she is. Once again, Ryan Gosling makes an appearance as McKinnon describes her characters alien encounters in extreme detail.