Tired of Having Dates With Your Boy in Bed? These Ideas that Will Get You Out of Oakland

As many of you walk through campus in the next few weeks there will be many changes. Yet, one thing I notice more around this time of year is all of the couples around campus holding hands, canoodling on the benches inside the cathedral, or kissing quickly as they part for class. But, what is there to do around Pittsburgh when you are in a relationship and you finally decide to leave your room and come from behind closed doors? If you are as stumped as I was, keep reading to check out fun places to go this fall with your beau.

If you are looking for a fun time but too lazy to actually leave your apartment or dorm, make it a date! On a Sunday, call up your guy and plan a date around the afternoon football game. This is something that you both can enjoy. Throw on your favorite football jersey and whether or not it is one of the teams playing, he will be happy you tried. As easy as it is to put on a jersey, it is that simple to research a dip on Pinterest that you can make for game time munchies. This is a great way to let him know you are interested in sports and at the same time you are able to snuggle on the couch instead of doing that math homework you have put off all weekend.

Realizing that your roommates will be home all day and night and his place is off limits, you try and think of what to do off campus. Nothing? Well, on a crisp fall day Schenley Park is only a five-minute walk from campus. Walking around the park will not only bring you closer together but it will also enable you to see the beautiful nature that seems so far from your home in Oakland. If you both like golf, you could play a round at the Bob O’Connor golf course or if you just want a bite to eat, stop into the Schenley Park Café and Visitor Center. Another great place to check out while at Schenley Park is the Phipps Conservatory. Whether you just want to walk around or check out the Fall Flower Show, which displays over 3,000 chrysanthemums, it is a sight you and your honey don’t want to miss.

This next date is a little bit more adventurous. If you or your beau have a car this will be simple, if not, ask to borrow a friend’s. Trax Farms Market is about a 20-minute car ride outside our Oakland home. Here, you can pick out the perfect pumpkin to carve or just have as decoration. There is also the opportunity to hop on the back of a tractor for the fun experience of a hayride. Trax Farms Market says, “The scenic hayride is approximately 25 minutes long and winds through our fruit and vegetable fields. Don’t forget your camera!” This date will be definitely something that you two will remember. This one may take a little bit more effort than throwing on a jersey or walking down the street to smell the flowers but it will create a memory that you could not create in Oakland. So, take advantage of what the towns around Pittsburgh have to offer.

 Looking at all of these daytime dates and you are still not satisfied? Well this date is more romantic and will allow the time for both of you to talk and let out some of the stresses of the week. Dinner and a movie in Southside is the perfect idea. Even though The Cheesecake Factory can be noisy, they do have smaller, more quaint tables and booths upon request. This is a much more intimate setting than Trax Farms yet still enables you to get something good to eat and relax at the same time. At the end of the meal you could split a piece of cheesecake or each get one and have extras to take home. After the bill is paid, which fortunately enough won’t break your bank account, you can walk over to the movie theater and see a movie. Snuggle up with your boy in the darkness of the theater and let the plot of the movie take over. Even though there is no talking involved, it gives him the chance to put his arm around you and show off some of that intimate body language you have been waiting for. Maybe this date may seem a little cliché, but it eliminates the distractions of the Oakland nightlife and will bring both of you closer together with a little quality time.

The season of Fall is a perfect time to try out any of these date ideas. Even if your beau doesn’t think they are awesome at first, drag him along. If he is with you, there is no doubt that he will have a great time.