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Tips for a Successful Job Interview


Interviewing for a job can be one of the most nerve-wracking things in the world. The anxiety that creeps up on you minutes before can be so intense, it could throw you off your game. But, this is all easily avoidable if you put on your best girl boss face and follow some of the tips we’ve provided below.

Be confident in yourself. If you go in to an interview feeling confident, you will come across as confident to an interviewer. By presenting yourself and your accomplishments in a way that’s confident, but not cocky, you will be able to show an interviewer that you have all the qualities necessary for the position.

Have a strong handshake and make eye contact. A handshake is one of the first impressions you’ll make on a potential employer. Having a firm, quick handshake makes you appear more professional than those who have a weak grasp and make an exaggerated motion while shaking hands. When answering questions, holding eye contact is important as it shows you are engaged and well prepared to answer any question, rather than those who cannot maintain eye contact who often appear unsure of themselves and confused.

Dress to impress. The way you present yourself says multitudes about you. Dressing in western business attire and having your hair and makeup done can make you seem professional and respectful of the position and the employer. Just try not to look too flashy. Showing up in what you would wear to the job itself shows you are ready to take on the work and could fit in seamlessly already.

Avoid phrases like “um” and “like.” These terms imply that you are unsure of how to answer a question or that you can’t think quick on your feet. It is better to pause a moment and formulate a coherent, thoughtful answer than to try and jump right in and get jumbled up in your words. Employers will appreciate someone who can communicate their thoughts effectively and persuasively.

Come with questions. Walk in the door with ideas of questions or concerns you’d like to bring up with the interviewer. Asking questions shows you have done research on the position and are taking the interview seriously. By asking questions, the employer will be able to tell you are considering this position and how it will work with your life, rather than having none and conveying the message that you are at the interview with no intention of making the job work with your future.


While it’s understandable to be afraid for an interview, there’s no need to be extremely stressed when you can make the process easier by following these simple tips. Go in with confidence and grace and you’ll walk out with a job offer. 


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Emma is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh studying communication and political science. She is originally from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania aka Taylor Swift's hometown. In her free time, Emma is a member of Theta Phi Alpha and serves as their junior Panhellenic rep, as well as a member of the Pink Campus Team. She enjoys listening to music, watching movies, reading, writing, and going to the gym.
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