Tiny Rhinestones in Dark Shadows: A Deep Dive into the Makeup of Euphoria

After weeks of avoiding it, I recently decided to swallow the pill and watch HBO’s groundbreaking new show, Euphoria. I mistakenly binged the whole season in one day, leaving me emotionally unstable and in desperate need of more. Since I’m currently mentally incapable of discussing the intricate plot and innerworkings of the show, I have decided instead to review something a little more lighthearted: the makeup! For a show that has such a dark, raw storyline, the one thing that seems to shine through the pain and suffering of the characters is the stunning makeup. Throughout the show, there are dozens of beautiful looks that help viewers visually understand the emotional turmoil characters are trying to hide. With so many looks to choose from, I’ve decided to pick my personal favorite look from each main character, do a deep dive into the meaning behind them and suggest practical times to wear these iconic looks yourself.


(Photo by Doniella Davy via PopSugar)

Maddy may look composed on the outside, but beneath her glittery exterior, she’s more than what meets the eye. Also, she single-handedly made wearing rhinestones on your face socially acceptable outside of Coachella and cheer competitions. Maddy’s look is never without a little sparkle and her signature strong cat eye. This bold and alluring look, however, acts as a barrier between the strong and confident woman she is on the outside versus the vulnerable and uncertain girl she feels like on the inside. Try channeling Maddy’s inner hopeless romantic with this feminine and luminescent look for your next date night.


(Photo by Doniella Davy via Elle)

Jules’s makeup spans from messy and incomplete to sharp and clean, depicting the inner struggle that is constant in her life. The words bright, bold and bubbly best describe how Jules approaches the world, and this is represented perfectly with her style. Regardless of the struggles Jules faces, from her romantic life to her new friends, her makeup is always on point, no matter the occasion. She has reinvented the 80’s electric eyeliner into a new craze for a night out. Try one of her clean and vibrant liner looks or glittery masterpieces at your next concert for a little pop of rebellion.


(Photo by Doniella Davy via Picimon)

Kat goes through the biggest transformation out of all of the characters in the show, and she channels this through her makeup. She takes inspiration from Maddy with the strong cat eye, but she adds her own bold red color to feel more fearless and confident in her own way. She is an ever-evolving character that’s consistently incorporating new colors and ideas into her makeup design. The more she finds herself, the more cohesive her signature look becomes. Attempt Kat’s makeup look to help embrace your inner confidence, or at the very least to get a good selfie.


(Photo by Doniella Davy via Picimon)

Out of all the women on the show, Lexi wears the least makeup, and she’s also involved in the least amount of drama. Coincidence? I think not. While Lexie usually refrains from more notable looks, she does know when it’s time to bring out the glitter and kick it up a notch for a special occasion. Since Lexi is the glue of the friend group, it would make sense that she gets inspiration from people that matter most to her. Lexi channels Cassie and Maddy’s confident cat eye, Rue’s signature star and Jules’s electric eyeshadow to create a style that’s all her own. Next girls’ night out, try taking inspiration from your gal pals and reinvent your normal look into something new and special.


(Photo by Doniella Davy via mademoiselleolantern)

This eccentric design is an outlier from her more natural style, but this is the first time we see a true glimpse of who Cassie really is. Cassie’s defining feature is her beauty. She’s never had to worry about her looks, but on the other hand, she’s only been seen as valuable for her appearance. Throughout the season she has begun to come to terms with the she isn’t just an object for others to look at but rather a human with feelings and emotions. This look is purely for Cassie and Cassie alone to see, something to make her feel beautiful for herself and no one else. Try wearing Cassie’s self-love look at your next costume party for a disco ball chic moment.


(Photo by Doniella Davy via Twitter)

Rue is messy and moody, and her makeup reflects these traits perfectly. While going through the ups and downs of addiction and sobriety, we see Rue’s makeup reflect how she’s feeling on the inside. When sober, her make up is clean and simple. On the other hand, when she is struggling with her addiction, we see a more muddled style. She isn’t one to voice her feelings openly, so she turns to makeup as a way of expressing herself. As they say, “it’s all in the eyes”. Try wearing Rue’s look to your next South O party. They look great on Friday night and even better the next day for those early morning Saturday tailgates.

Whether you’ve watched the show or just seen the pictures on Instagram, it’s clear that Euphoria has helped to alter the makeup game and challenge what you can and cannot express with a simple wing or a bit of sparkle.