Thoughts You Have While Watching House Hunters

Every since I was a little girl I watched HGTV and DIY network with my dad. I loved to build things with him and rearrange my room. I loved watching “This Old House” back then, and now I watch “Fixer Upper,” “Flip or Flop,” “Rehab Addict” and “House Hunters” almost every day after I’m done with classes. “House Hunters” got so popular that it expanded to “House Hunters: International,” “Tiny House Hunters” and “House Hunters Renovation.” AKA, I can watch people look at unique houses all day and plan my future home on Pinterest. Here are thoughts that everyone has while watching “House Hunters.”

1. “I’m a teacher, he’s a stay at home dad and our budget is $725,000.” WHAT? HOW?

2. That “house” is literally 98 sq feet. You can’t even lie down.

3. Man, that bathroom is AMAZING.

4. Wait, they moved to ALASKA in the WINTER?

5.  So lucky! They are moving to an island!

6. “Our budget is $2.1 million dollars, and we don’t really want to go over that.”


7.  OMG. The wife is so mean I can’t stand it.


8. They are going to be in so much debt.

9. I can decorate so much better than that.

10. That kitchen is goals. That’s going on my Pinterest board.

11. Omg they’re living in Paris!?

12. That tiny house doesn’t have a toilet. Why?

13. They literally bought a mansion. A $1.5 million mansion.

14. *they pick the worst house*

15. Hm the show’s over. I wonder what I’ll do for the rest of the day.

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