Thoughts You Have While Walking Posvar Hall (aka the Airport)

Everyone has a class in Posvar sooner or later. There are two big lecture halls, the lucky baseball base, Einstein’s, and countless study spots. The best part? It connects to Lawrence Hall and Litchfield Towers and is right across the street from Cathy. The worst part? At 10 till, everyone is dismissed from class and rushes to get to their next one. Or people are using Posvar as a connection to get to and from another building. Why? Because it’s Pittsburgh, and it’s cold all the time. Whether you’re in Posvar for a breakfast bagel or standing outside room 1700 waiting for lecture, you’ll relate! These are the thoughts of the people of Posvar.

1. Is the line at Einstein’s long? …oh. It’s super long. Nope, I’ll just wait till class is over.

2. OMG yes. No line! No line = bagel time.


3. I don’t want to go to class. Can this escalator pleeeease go slower?

4. OMG there are so many people in here I should have just walked outside.


5. Just kidding Posvar is so nice and warm. I’m going back in.

6. Why are there only two outlets on each floor?

7. There are old people everywhere. Wait, are they wearing backpacks?

8. *gets around slow walkers* Ugh now I have to run to get to Cathy!

9. I need to get closer to the door… I don’t want someone to take my seat.


10.  Class is finally over. And I get to do all of this tomorrow.

11. But at least I can get another bagel

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