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TED Talks That Suit All Your #Moods

I bet you are in a #mood right now.  Hopefully a good one, but if not, that is also fine.  I know you are a busy college student, like myself, so instead of surfing the internet to kill time, check out these TED Talks I chose to fit a certain mood.  I made myself watch each video, so have no fear; they are not a waste of time.  Here are some TED Talks for when you’re feeling #happy, #sad, #angry, #inspired, #smart, #innovative and so on.  Enjoy.

….when you are feeling confident

This speaker describes the skill of self-confidence and how we can all use some in our daily projects. Self-confidence is the key to success, according to the past Athletic Director of Ryerson University. (13 minutes)

This speaker uses a box to show how growing consumption can lead to destruction, even destruction of happiness. But sometimes, less is more. (5 minutes)

….when you are feeling peachy

“Question everything,” a statement by Euripides. Like why though? I never really liked that quote. This video will remind you to think why you are you. (6 minutes)

….when you are feeling like the world hates you

Remember to breathe: focus on your breath. The world moves fast, too fast, nowadays. This speaker is a great teacher. She guides you through a calming ten-minute break from life. Allow yourself to take a moment and destress: remember what you are passionate about and what you are thankful for. (9 minutes)

….when you are not confused enough by classes

­Is everything in the world connected? An important question I ask myself once a year; more like when I see a puppy in my biology lecture and see an Expedia advertisement then debate the relative meaning of “cheap” whilst searching for flights back home (yep, I miss my dog). That was a weak example, but this speaker delivers a thought-provoking presentation, including relativity as to why hemoglobin relates to galactic collisions. (17 minutes)

….when you are angry with your roommate

Arguments and fights happen, but whatever you do, remember that most problems can be resolved. This speaker explains her year of housing challenges. (9 minutes)

….when you just passed your midterm that you definitely did not study enough for

Luck is the concept when opportunity meets preparation. At least that is the philosophy explained by Hannah Davis, CEO of BANGS shoe company.  Also, nice. (7 minutes)

….when you are feeling creative

This speaker takes an explorative look at how creative thinking can lead to revolutionary ideas. He talks about thinking outside the box, but in a way that you might not expect. (19 minutes)

….when you feel optimistic

Remember on The Office when Dunder Mifflin had a garage sale and Dwight wanted to trade until he received the best item at the sale? He started with a thumbtack and traded for a used candle until he eventually could have walked out with a high-priced telescope, but since Jim is a terrible person, Dwight settled on a trade for Jim’s “miracle legumes”. This speaker uses the same idea of trading goods to go from a paperclip to a house. If he can pull this off, then life can get better. (13 minutes)

….when you feel sustainable

My favorite and one of the best TED Talks that I have watched. Christen Reighter describes her personal journey and all the unnecessary obstacles she faced when trying to do an honorable, and greatly sustainable practice.  I highly recommend this video. (14 minutes)

I hope some of these videos relate to your mood, and if not, then enjoy the endless collection of videos that TED posts daily.  Be sure to check out our local TEDx event on November 29, at the Ace Hotel.  Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for reading. Corrine is majoring in Neuroscience, minoring in Chemistry and French, and pursuing a Sustainability Certificate.  In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, exploring, playing with her dog (Barles Charkley), sharks, volunteering, music, memes, and lasagne.
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