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Teas for Different Times of the Day

Tea is healthier than the normal college elixir- coffee. Although coffee may have more caffeine, tea has a special place in my heart. As the weather gets colder, warm tea season commences, and it is my favorite.  My roommate and I have become tea connoisseurs this year, so I decided to share my tea consumption with the world. Recently, I have tried different kinds of tea to find which ones I like and when to drink them. I have not, however, ever had loose tea and I think I am missing out on a whole different world.


I used to drink a cup or two of coffee in the morning, but now I have switched over to tea (although this is a long, hard process). To attempt to get the same bold flavor, I usually brew myself black tea in the morning. Black tea has the most caffeine of all the tea groups (it DOES matter how you brew it though). What I prefer is Twinning’s English Breakfast Time tea. It has a slightly different flavor from regular black tea.

After Class

I usually get done with class at 4:15 or 2:30, and after a long day of classes, I HAVE to have more caffeine to power through homework or the Netflix binge I have been dreaming about all day. Though, I want a different flavor from just black tea. I usually go for green tea during the afternoon; it still has a little bit of caffeine, but it is more calming (at least for me). I recently picked up Lipton’s Lemon and Ginseng. The lemon is not too strong, and paired with the ginseng it is quite soothing. It is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

After the After Class Tea

I usually want another cup of tea once I finish the first cup. However, I usually decided to switch it up. I go for white tea, which has the lowest caffeine of all the teas. It is not as strong, but it is still really soothing. I bought Lipton’s White Peach Mango Tea, and it is scrumptious. Although, after making it as iced tea, it was MUCH better.


Late Night Studying

For those late nights where I just want to curl into my warm bed, I go for a black tea. It puts that caffeine back into my body, plus with its bold flavor, and it being hot, it warms me up enough to not dream about my bed every second. Usually I go for Lipton Black Bavarian Wild Berry (I know it sounds gross but it’s my favorite tea). I had it for the first time this summer and I am absolutely hooked. It’s fruity, which doesn’t seem great with tea, but it is a little surprise that is much needed during the late nights.


Before Bed

If you are reading a book, about ready to go to bed, and want something to sip on, any decaffeinated tea is perfect. Even the slightest bit of caffeine right before I go to bed skews my dreams and I usually do not sleep very well. Bigelow’s Sleepy Time tea is perfect for late night sips!

During that Work Slump

While I worked during this summer, I was not immune to the dreaded 3 o’clock slump. Once it turned to 3, I would grab Tazo’s Peachy Green Tea, and it would help me power through the rest of work. It gave me that special boost I needed, plus the peach was a summery flavor.


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