Super Bowl 50 Commercial Roundup

The Super Bowl this year was an exciting event whether you love sports or not. From the intense competition between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, to the psychedelic half-time show put on by Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé, the Super Bowl brought family and friends together for a fun night. Perhaps the most important part of any Super Bowl, in my opinion, are the commercials. Every year, several of the biggest corporations in America shell out a whopping $5 million for a commercial slot, which means that these advertisements pull out all the stops. If you didn’t have time to watch the Super Bowl, or if you were too busy watching the puppies, or if you just didn’t care, here’s a roundup of the most memorable Super Bowl 50 Commercials.

1. Mountain Dew’s Puppy Monkey Baby

Personally, I found the ad disturbing and very creepy after watching it for the first time during the game. The ad features a puppy-monkey-baby hybrid that walks around chanting its name and then licks a man. The concept is a comparison to the mixing of Mountain Dew, juice, and caffeine in their Mountain Dew Kickstarts. Twitter exploded with people not sure they could forget or forgive what they had just witnessed. A Google search of the topic confirms: Puppy Monkey Baby is an awful, horrifying flop as far as Super Bowl commercials are concerned. You can watch the Puppy Monkey Baby commercial here.

2. Hyundai’s First Date with Carfinder

This commercial, featuring Kevin Hart, depicts a girl on a date and the father following them using Carfinder, a newly available feature, and foiling the date’s every attempt to kiss her. Though one of the funniest commercials to air this year, the jury is still out as to the statement it makes regarding stalking the date to “protect” his daughter. As for the message it sends in regard to men controlling their daughters’ bodies, I’m not a fan, but from a comedy standpoint, not bad, Hyundai. You can watch the Hyundai commercial here.

3. Coca-Cola’s Hulk vs. Ant-Man

Coca-Cola used this commercial to advertise their Coca-Cola minis, and in the commercial, Ant-Man takes the last one, which angers the Hulk. A chase ensues until Hulk finally gets the soda, but he can’t open it because it’s so small and he’s so large. Although I’m not much of a Marvel fan, I am familiar with the Hulk and found this commercial very funny and enjoyable. You can watch the Coca-Cola commercial here.

4. T-Mobile’s Drop The Balls ft. Steve Harvey

T-Mobile advertises its extended LTE coverage by making light of Steve Harvey’s slip-up at the Miss Universe Crowning Ceremony. I found it funny, as did many people online (with the exception of those saying that it’s too soon to make fun of the mistake). You can watch this commercial here.

5. Doritos’s Ultrasound

Personally, I look forward to the Doritos commercial every year, as they are consistently among the best. This year’s commercial features a man eating Doritos during his wife’s ultrasound and discovering that the baby gravitates toward the Doritos every time they are held near the woman’s stomach. The wife slaps the bag out of her husband’s hands, and the baby flies out of the womb to get to them. A little weird? Sure. Comedic gold? Absolutely. You can watch this commercial here.


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