Sugary Skin = Smooth Results

Who knew sugar could be so good for you? Is your skin too oily or dry, but you don’t want to constantly use moisturizers with who-knows-what chemicals in it? This incredibly inspiring, motivated, and successful young woman has a product that will leave you feeling sweet and smooth.

Pittsburgh native, successful entrepreneur, President and CEO Lani Lazzari, captured my attention with her story in my marketing class last week. As a child, Ms. Lazzari suffered from eczema and could not find a skin care product that worked for her. She decided to take matters into her own hands, and started an all-natural face and body scrub line at the age of eleven. Beginning by giving her products as homemade gifts to her family and friends, you could say she has come leaps and bounds since then. With immense hard work and dedication by Ms. Lazzari, Simple Sugars turned from a childhood experiment into a worldwide success. Since 2007, she has been featured in Lucky Magazine, Teen Vogue, Allure, Seventeen and many more popular reads. Her scrubs are affordable, yet they are labeled as a “higher end” product and manage to compete with expensive brands. Her big break was on the television show Shark Tank after another Pittsburgh native, Mark Cuban, invested $100k in Simple Sugars – and the rest is history. I was both envious and impressed with her fluent business lingo and poise, considering the fact that we are basically the same age. Talk about feeling under-accomplished! She was the perfect guest speaker to have present- sharing tips and tools she has found work well for marketing her product lines. As I walked out of class down Forbes Ave in the freezing cold with Ms. Lazzari’s business card in my hand, I felt inspired… and I could also feel my dry skin crying out for help. I wanted to share Simple Sugars’ story, and try out these scrubs! 

One sweet day: I made my way to the Simple Sugars office to pick up a few products to try out. Unfortunately, Ms. Lazzari was not in when I arrived, but her staff welcomed me with open arms. They were as friendly as could be. It was exciting to see everyone at work, and watch the aspects of the business that Ms. Lazzari talked about in her presentation come to life in front of my eyes. I glanced over at the wall of scrubs to make my selections, and the amount of yummy scents made it very difficult. After much discretion, I went with the Avocado Facial Scrub, and the Strawberry and Almond Body Scrubs.

That sugary night: My roommate (and fellow HC Executive Board member, Melodi!) and I could not wait to try out the scrubs. We both rushed to the bathroom, slicked our hair back off of our faces, and were ready to go. At first, it was a little odd to picture rubbing a sugary substance on our faces. To be honest, I was nervous my skin would react negatively towards the sweetness, but the smells were too delicious to resist. They each had a refreshing aroma that seemed organic and light, not artificial, which calmed my fears of breaking out. The directions instruct you to wet your face, apply the product, and rub gently until the sugar melts. Simple enough! (Make sure to stir before use as well because all of the oils rise to the top after a while). After giggling at each other’s sugar covered faces, we rinsed the scrub off with water. I have only ever used salt based scrubs, so it was nice to not feel like my skin was so irritated after use. I was expecting to feel a little oily afterwards as well, because of the texture of the product, but rinsing with water washed the oils away and left my skin immediately feeling baby soft. The avocado smell was perfectly subtle – just enough to make us feel clean but not at all overpowering to the point where it would seem like guacamole was smothered on my face. The body scrubs had a similar affect, but stronger scents. My favorite is the Strawberry Body Scrub. Not going to lie – we both were tempted to taste it… that’s how fresh and delicious it smells. You can use the body scrubs in the shower, just be cautious of slipping on the product after rinsing!

The next smooth morning: I woke up hesitant to look in the mirror, crossing my fingers that the product did not backfire overnight and leave me with a face full of acne. I am happy to say that my skin was still feeling as smooth as ever. I remember Ms. Lazzari saying in her presentation that her scrubs could be a replacement of your lotion and serve as your main moisturizer. I have to admit, I found that difficult to believe. However, knowing that Simple Sugars is such a healthy option for skin care and after having such excellent results, I might have changed my mind.

I highly recommend trying this out with your girlfriends at your next wine and movie night in, or even just on your own if you are currently bored or unhappy with your skin care product. Guys, have no fear! Simple Sugars has come out with a way for you to have great skin without smelling like a rose or a grapefruit. Check out their “Smooth for Men” product line! These fun scrubs are simple to use and totally worth trying.

You can find a Simple Sugars carrier near you, here

In the words of Lani Lazzari, “Stay Smooth” everyone!


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