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Strip District Music Fest 2015 Review

Music… Festival. Enough said. Oh and to add to that, in Pittsburgh, only a few miles away from a multitude of universities. I do not think I could have asked for a better event. In the Strip District, on January 17th the first ever Strip District Music Fest was held, presented by the Pittsburgh City Paper and Pabst Blue Ribbon. There were over 70 bands in attendance, as well as over 8000 people enjoying the all-day event. It was an absolute delight to attend. Those 70 bands played in over 11 venues, all unique in their own way. Some of the featured venues were the Altar Bar, Beerhive, Wiggle Whiskey and Framezilla. What was amazing about the whole event was that only a donation was suggested! The donations made by the attendees went to the artist as well as to the festival for the next year’s events! Essentially the donations just support music! ROCK ON!


Of course there were some events that were 21 and up to be allowed in. (You know, you have to be able to play with the big boys.) Alcohol and lots of fun were involved. A few of the venues that were 21 and up included The Pittsburgh Winery, Penn Ave Fish Co, and Static.               

I think I have forgotten to mention the most important part: the MUSIC! There many single artists like Dan Bubien and Jasmine Tate, as well as many bands. Some of my favorites include Ferdinand the Bull, Identity X and Skull Kid. What was incredible about this music fest was that you could find the type of music you were vibin’ that moment at one of the 11 venues. Throughout the day, you could take just a walk over to the next venue to see what was going on. Music was happening all day long. Also, thanking Mother Nature for the AMAZING weather would not be enough. The day and the music fest was absolutely fantastic for both people that were there trying to listen to amazing music as well as people that were just interested in having a fun time out on the town. You had bands and artists giving live performances, with excited fans and guests enjoying a nice brew (or iced tea) and some tunes.


If you also just wanted to take a break from all of the live music, you could walk around to the art vendors or food trucks to take a breather, or fill up for the day.

Let’s definitely give this event a hand, and I look forward to attending the Strip District Music Fest in 2016 as well!

For information about the Strip District Music Fest in 2016, visit their website.


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