Six Free Things Pitt Students Should Take Advantage Of  

1.  Port Authority Buses and the Pittsburgh Light Rail ( “the T”)  

As most Pitt students know, our Panther Cards act as bus passes for the Port Authority Buses. While you may have mixed feelings about the accountability of the Port Authority, this perk has made it so easy to explore everything that Pittsburgh has to offer. My friends at other city schools (in D.C, New Orleans, Nashville, etc. ) have no transportation perk included, and have to rely on ride-sharing apps.   


2.  The Duquesne Incline 

Not only do Pitt Students get free bus and rail services, but we get to ride the cable cars up to the Duquesne Incline for free. The best view of Pittsburgh is only one tap of a Panther Card away. 


3.  Pitt Arts – Free Art Encounters 

Pitt Arts is something that I think students seriously don’t take advantage of, and especially the free art encounters. Every week, Pitt Arts sends out a list of free art encounters. Students can register for as many as they want, (typically) get a free meal before or after the show and free transportation to and from the encounters. I’ve been to a couple of cool programs, my favorite being DIAVOLO – a dance troupe that interacts with their props and sets to put on a stunning show. 


4.  Pitt Arts — Museums 

In addition to free art encounters, Pitt students can get into most of Pittsburgh museums for free with their Panther Cards. We get free admission to the Andy Warhol museum, Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History, Carnegie Science Center, Mattress Factory, Phipps Conservatory, Senator John Heinz History Center and Soldiers & Sailors.  


5.  Pitt FoodShare Facebook Page  

I just became aware of this, and it is seriously amazing. Pitt FoodShare is an open Facebook group, and people who have leftover food from various events will post in this group if they have extra food to share. They post the location and typically a photo of the food they have to offer. If you’re a college student looking to score a free meal, join this group.  


6.  Carnegie Library 

Last but not least, the Carnegie Library of Oakland is a great resource for Pitt students. If you’re looking for a break from the books of academia, head over to the library and find a wide selection of books from all genres. If you bring a form of ID, you can even register for your own library card, which takes two minutes, for free! 


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