Shh! Secret Study Spots on Campus

It’s that time of year again when Hillman and Cathy are constantly packed as we gear up for finals week. However, if you’re anything like me, you prefer to study somewhere calmer and less crowded. Something about the ground floor of Hillman in December just gives off chaotic energy. So, if you’re looking for those hidden spots on campus where you can study with peace and quiet, look no further. Here are HC Pitt’s favorite secret study spots. Shh, don’t tell anyone else.

 “The WPU ninth floor quiet study lounge.” -Nicole

Photo by unknown via Desmone Architects


 “The eighth floor of Alumni Hall or the basement of the Barco law library.” -Eva

“The room on the first floor of Posvar that faces Hillman.” -Emily

“Most people I talk to don’t know that Frick has its own library. I like it when you can snag one of the tables on the tiny upper floor part.” -Kari

Photo by unknown via Library Thing


 “Posvar’s 24-hour computer lab – they just renovated it and it’s so nice!” -Katherine

“There’s a table secluded under the staircase going from the second to the third floor of Benedum that’s nice if you want some space to yourself. A bonus is that it’s right next to the glass wall, so you have a nice view of the courtyard.” -Erin

“Carnegie Library is usually much less crowded than Hillman and it helps me get in the zone.” -Madelyn

Photo by Dllu via Wikimedia


 “The study space in the lobby of Towers by the help desk.” -Holly

“The honors college! It’s high up in Cathy, so the view is stellar. Just being in there makes me want to grind out my work.” -Monica

“I love the Global Hub in Posvar!” -Sabrina

Photo by unknown via Pitt Global Hub


“I like to study at the tables in the Pete. There are also comfy chairs up on the third floor by the glass windows that are really secluded.” -Madelyn

Good luck on your finals, Pitt!