Roundup of HC Pitt’s Favorite Classes

Though we have all been taking classes from home, listening to our professors through their blurry Zoom squares and, if you’re like me, showing up in pajamas after rolling straight out of bed, there was a time when Pitt’s campus was bubbling with students. (Weird, right? What is “outside” again?)

Yes, physically going to classes may have felt like a chore before this past spring, but now I would trade my office chair and desk for a tiny wooden chair in a Cathedral Nationality Room in an instant. In memory of those better days, here are some of HC Pitt’s favorite classes on campus!

For the STEM geniuses

Anatomy and Physiology - Jake Dechant

Intro to Thermodynamics - Matthew Barry

For the worldly & enlightened

Philosophy of Religion - Brock Bahler

Intro to Global Studies - Kavi Abraham

Death in the Ancient World - Carrie Weaver

For the creative souls

Musical Theatre Class - Becki Toth

Any of the beginner-level art studios (painting, drawing, photography, etc)!

For the gender studies experts

Human Sexuality in Cross Culture - Dr. Tyler Phan

Intro to Feminist Theory - Matthew Lovett or Bridget Keown

Representing Adolescence - Amanda Awanjo

For the literature lovers

Readings in Contemporary Nonfiction - Jen Lee

Introduction to Poetry - Dillon Jones

The Gothic Imagination - Troy Boone

For the communication gurus

Mass Communication Process - Brent Malin

Interpersonal Communication - Elfriede Fursich

And now for my personal picks

Seminar in Composition: Gender Studies - Kimberly Hoover

Social Theory - Michael Murphy

Composing Digital Media - Benjamin Miller

Here’s to hoping we get back to these wonderful classes soon! But no matter the shape or form we take our classes in, all of us at HC Pitt have nothing but the best to say about our favorite school and its incredible professors!