Really Unique & Creative Date Ideas

Dating can be dreadful, and planning a fun date is challenging.  Dinner and a movie is a popular choice that eventually becomes mundane.  Check out these unique and creative ideas if you want to try something new with your partner.


A Walk in the Park

A walk is a great way to exercise and to guide conversation.  The beautiful outdoors is a calming buffer and eliminates any conversational pauses.  Also, consider bringing your dog(s).


The Museum

The Carnegie Museum of Art offers an artistic escape from city life.  Bonus: students get in for free.  Check out their Crossroads exhibit open now.

"Painting with a Twist”

If a bar seems overwhelming for a date, check out Painting with a Twist.  They offer painting classes where guests can bring their own wine and food.  Classes start at $25.



It is common to attend a concert for music you like, but what about one for music you do not normally listen to?  Pittsburgh hosts concerts around the city with a diverse selection of musical artists.  If you like rap music, try attending a jazz show to break out of your comfort zone.


Build a Puzzle

Making a puzzle with someone is a nice way to learn about them whilst embracing the silence of trying to find that one piece.  Happy hunting.

Donate Blood

This one is odd, but unique nonetheless.  If you are comfortable together and want to do a good deed, stop by your local blood donation center.  You could save someone’s life while spending extra time with your “siggy” (significant other).  Also check out GRIFOLS if you want to be compensated for donating plasma.

Fear Pong

Fear Pong was created by  It is “beer pong with a twist”: under each cup there is a dare.  You can complete the dare and keep the cup or forfeit the dare and drink.  To check out the game, watch their videos here.

Stars and Music

Try this classic date and watch the stars while listening to a great album.  If you need some music suggestions, check out the albums “Too Much Weekend” by Gary BB Coleman, “American Beauty” by the Grateful Dead or “The Queen is Dead” by The Smiths.  Bonus: impress them with your astrology knowledge by pointing out the North Star or Orion’s belt.


Good luck trying these date ideas and remember to be yourself.  Happy hunting. 

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