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The Real Facts on Pitt Housing

So you’re thinking of living on campus? A solid choice to be sure! You get the centrality of campus, the lack of sicko landlords and your parent’s peace of mind that there’s a security person at the desk. The cool thing about Pitt is that there are so many options to choose from! Now sure… you could look them up on Pitt’s website. But baby… here at Her Campus Pitt, we strive to give you the truth. The realest facts on what’s up are here, so check the facts.

Towers (A, B, C)

These iconic little babies have various pet names that Pitt students have given them, which include but not limited to “Big ol’ trashcans,” “Batteries” and “Freshman party zone.” Tower A and B are freshman dorms with doubles, and if you want the ridiculous freshman experience of screaming at all hours, wild shenanigans and meeting a ton of people in a super short amount of time then this is the place for you. Tower C is, as of right now, a mix of freshman and upperclassmen and only contains single bedrooms. It has the same organization as Tower A and B, but it is a little quieter.

Holland Hall

Holland Hall has been switching it up a lot these past three years. It used to be only ladies living in this building but about three years ago it became co-ed, with male-identifying students being on the south side, and female-identifying students being on the north side.  Holland has some super weird layouts, and no room on the floor is the same. There’s public bathrooms and a trash room on each side of the floor, with a kitchenette on the north side. It’s super central to everything, but watch out for people wilding out in the Quad. Also…no AC. Buy a fan.


This hall is for upperclassmen and only has suites. They can have up to four people and they’re pretty spacious. Anytime I was there, though, I did feel like I was in an 80s TV show. These suites have a kitchenette in it, and there is definitely space for a TV. There’s also a gym in the building. Being that this is in the Quad though, there is a lot of noise coming in from Forbes Ave, the Quad and Towers. While we are on a college campus and noise is pretty typical, you are on prime heckling territories.  Also…no AC.


Bruce means Business. As in, this is a freshman dorm only for students in the Business LLC. There are only suites in this building, and they’re actually super nice! Lots of windows and a good amount of space. Super central to the rest of campus, with y’all being right next door to the student union, and the library right across the street. The second floor is the only floor in the building with AC. Bring the fan.


This building is nice. Like no doubt about it. This is where the sororities post up for chapter meetings, and some sisters live up there. Each floor houses a different sorority, and each has some really nice set ups. With a bunch of doubles, one or two singles, two massive lounges, and a huge kitchen, this is the spot! You can only have the option to live here if you’re in a sorority though, so keep that in mind.

Bouquet Gardens

These are the student apartments on campus. You have to have a super good lottery number if you want to get here. I don’t know too much about it because I’ve only ever been living in the typical residence hall in my four years here. But I hear great things! If you’ve got the money and the lottery number, go for it.


This is the cream of the crop in residence halls, and the newest of the residence halls on Pitt’s campus. Located right above the health center, it is honestly heaven. It’s got AC, nice views, two large lounges on either side. Two RAs are on each floor just like in Holland, with men and women on the floor. There’s also a music room!


This is another apartment building on campus. It’s a little more dated than Bouquet Gardens, but it is a good option to have the security of the dorm rooms while also having the independence of an apartment. There are a couple of different configurations of the apartments, with room for up to three. My partner is currently living there, and he likes the space he’s in! There’s laundry on every floor, and a full kitchen in the apartments. The only problem that there might be is the distance from the center of campus as it’s just past the bio buildings.


This is all singles with gender-neutral floors. These rooms are a little small like all the other singles, but I have seen some really good setups. The rooms have their own little sink area, which is really nice to have. Programs are pretty good in this building, and the building stays pretty quiet if you’re trying to keep focus. This a building filled with mostly upperclassmen, though a few freshmen do get in there.


This and the following buildings are all up on upper campus. Sutherland is the freshman dorm. These are really nice buildings, with a dining hall and food stop in the same spot just like Towers. The place is pretty spacious, with some good views. If you’re down for the walk, it’s a really good spot.

Panther & Irvis

I lived in Irvis my sophomore year and it was super nice. There’s laundry on each floor of both Irvis and Panther hall. These two halls are right next to each other, and have nearly the same floor plan, with Irvis being a little bit smaller in the hall and lounge. I really liked this being an upperclassmen.

Frat Houses

Yeah, I didn’t ever go here. I’m scared.

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