Rankings of Cute Dogs

I love dogs more than I love myself. I’m not even kidding: I really, really love dogs and I’m surprised that after three years of being in Her Campus, I’ve never written any kind of article dedicated to dogs. So here it is: some cute pictures and (very arbitrary) rankings of the sweetest, purest little babies you can imagine.

This smiley pup is ready for an adventure. 10/10 because he looks so soft and he’s trotting so daintily.

Omg look at this Dalmatian pup – he hasn’t even grown into his spots yet. 11/10 for general cuteness and that heart-shaped spot on his little ear.


A large blep from such a small pup. 12/10 he’s having such a good time playing in the water!

This pup is ready for all the holiday festivities. 11/10 for precious and excited pup.

A gentle greyhound who is ready to listen to all of your troubles. 10/10 for cute little eyes and dainty paws.

Pup in a BICYCLE BASKET. So ready for adventures and traveling with you. 10/10 for cute basket shenanigans.

An adventurous, flowery pup who is ready for a tiny nap. 13/10 possibly the cutest golden retriever I have ever laid eyes upon.

LOOK AT THAT SANDY NOSE. AND THOSE BIG EYES. AND THOSE LITTLE EARS. 12/10 please come snuggle with me, tiny pupper.

What a gentle, snowy nose touch. 10/10 for fluffy little best friends.

Another regal pup who is ready for the holidays. 25/12 (because he’s definitely worthy of more than a 12/25) for this festive good boy and his tiny tree hat.

A group of naughty little pups. 11/10 you can see them plotting your demise (but tbh I would let them murder me because they’re just so cute).

A pack of tiny smiling puppers! 13/10 they are all so happy to see you.

Majestic, bandana-ed doggo thinks you’re admiring the beautiful view, but you’re actually just admiring him. 11/10 because he’s so excited for adventure!

This corgi in a raincoat is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. 12/10 for such a precious good boy.

 I hope these precious puppers brought you as much joy as they brought me!

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