Putting a Twist on T-Shirts!

Free t-shirts are great, but do you have too many? Are they taking up too much room in your dresser? Are you looking for creative ways to use them instead of getting rid of them? Look no further! HC Pitt is here to share our favorite ways to repurpose or revamp our t-shirts!

“If you have too many to wear, you can make a quilted blanket out of them, especially for graduating seniors who won’t be sporting Pitt gear on a regular basis.” –Erin

“I cut the collar of my shirts and tie them into a halter top. Also, I cut off the bottom so it rolls and has a softer edge!” –Haley

“Have a T-shirt from a club or O-week? Make it into a muscle tee by cutting the sides of the shirt (including the sleeves) in a straight line from the shoulders to about halfway down the side seams. Adjust for thinner or thicker straps. Optional: re-cut a head hole for a more flow-y fit.” –Christine

“DIY lace appliques on the shoulders, sleeves, wherever is super fun -- you can put them on with a sewing machine OR with fabric-safe adhesive spray. RIT Dye has tons of blog posts on different dip-dying techniques that look chic and not "failed tie-dye". I'm also a major fan of turning old tees and tanks into scrunchies, hairbands and, no joke, matching knicker/bralette sets. Also, embroidery and cross-stitch fans should look on Pinterest for embroidered tee inspo because there are soooo many pretty ones!” –Caroline

“If you’re trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle you can turn old t-shirts into grocery bags by cutting off the stinky sleeves and sewing or tying the bottom” –Keely

“Fringe the bottom of your shirts! It’s a fun way to show a little bit of skin without going all the way, plus who doesn’t love this classic 70s style? All you need is a pair of scissors and you’re good to go!” –Erin

“Is it just us or do cropped sweatshirts cost more than whole sweatshirts? DIY and sport your favorite school or team in style. All you have to do is cut off the bottom third or half of a sweatshirt or hoodie and there you go!” –Christine

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