Pro Tips for the Person Trying to do it All

I feel like fall semester is always the busiest semester. We’re trying to find new clubs, move up in clubs we’re already a part of, juggling back to school blues, and generally trying to do everything. I know personally that I’m someone who is constantly on the go - between being a resident assistant, leading 2 clubs, a job, social life and applying for jobs post-graduation, things can spiral out of control pretty quicky. Even so, I somehow still managed to make sure I have a day free per week for things that rejuvenate me! Here are some of my tips I swear by, for the girl trying to do it all! 

1. Planners are your best friend 

I currently have one huge planner that I use for my assignments and big events. At the beginning of each semester, I take a day or two during syllabus week and write in all my assignments, exams and papers so I can plan. I’m also big on college football so I make sure I write in when Pitt’s home games are.  


2. Utilize phone calendars ​

Google Calendar is my favorite calendar app! I color code my classes, club meetings, appointments and make sure to add when I’m hanging out with people. It might sound pretentious, but I used to overbook myself and I felt like a terrible friend, so Google Calendar helps me keep my word. 


3. Make sure to keep half a day to a day free

I knew my senior year would be extremely busy, but I also know how important taking care of myself is! I made sure to make my class schedule so that I wouldn’t have any Friday classes. I also told my boss that day I couldn’t work. Now I use Friday as my day to hang out with friends, sleep in, get a good work out in and overall do things that make me feel relaxed and happy. 


4. It’s Ok to say No 

I burned myself out my sophomore year, and it caused my mental and physical health to go downhill. I felt obligated to say "yes" every time someone asked me to hang out, to come to a club meeting, or to cover someone’s shift at work. I tried to do everything and in turn I lost my mind. My new mantra, which is my laptop background says, is “You can do anything but not everything.”  


5. Take Care of Yourself 

My final piece of advice is to take care of yourself. I learned that the healthier you eat, the more energy you have and the better you feel. I invested in a stainless-steel water bottle that keeps my water cold and I carry it with me EVERYWHERE. I also try creative ways to get my daily intake of veggies and fruits, such as in a power smoothie from Panera. I try getting in a good workout that helps me feel strong and happier. Finally, something I started doing this semester is going to the Stress-Free Zone located on the 3rd floor of the William Pitt Union and using the massage chair after I finish classes for the week! 


It’s ok to be involved and participate in things you feel passionate about. However, it’s more important that you take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.  


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