Pittsburgh: City of Instagram-worthy Murals

I go to college in one of the most amazing cities in the United States and I know that sounds crazy but hear me out. It’s full of things to do during all seasons like kayaking, hiking, apple picking, ice skating, and concerts. What some people might not know is how full of art Pittsburgh is! Every town has at least one mural and I’m learning that they provide amazing backdrops for my Instagram photos. Want to add color to your Instagram profile? I found 9 of the many murals located around Pittsburgh that could be perfect for your next Instagram post! 

Located in Downtown Pittsburgh! 



Located in East Busway! 



Located on the intersection of Atwood and Sennott in Oakland! 



Located on Penn Avenue 



Located on the side of Mad Mex in Oakland!



Located in Southside near the Birmingham bridge 


Located in the Strip District 



Located in Southside near the entrance to Birmingham bridge 



Located in Southside Flats 


Happy Instagramming!  



Photo Credit: 1234567, 8 and 9 (author’s own)