Pitt Inspired Halloween Costumes

Searching for your next Halloween costume inspiration? Look no further than Pitt itself! Pitt’s campus and its’ quirky characters are sure to make your next costume the life of the party.

Photo by Unknown via University of Pittsburgh

10A Bus Driver

This year, you could dress as the savior of all Upper Campus students. To achieve this look, dress up in your NASCAR outfit equipped with the helmet and goggles. Want to take this costume to the next level? Be sure to meet up with your friends either wildly early or wildly late to your scheduled meetup time; always keep them on their toes. Lastly, but most importantly, make sure to eliminate all fear of death itself. Run into oncoming traffic, just narrowly miss the obstacles (also known as people) around you, and, of course, do speed UP when going around sharp turns.


Photo by Dean Cook via Unsplash

A Campus Pigeon

Group costume alert! This costume is perfect for groups of about no less than forty because the larger the pigeon mob the better. Throw on your favorite groutfit, slap some feathers on here and there and, finally, make it known that your diet consists of exclusively bread by putting on the most absurd fat suit you can think of (Note: if you’re able to walk (or fly) then it’s not absurd enough). Establish your dominance by selecting your spot⎯ preferably in the middle of the sidewalk. And remember, you move for no one. Bonus: after this costume, you can now legally write on your resume that you held a government position!


Photo by Unknown via The Pitt News

The Posvar Statue

Paint your entire body yellow. That’s it. That’s the costume. Just be sure that if anyone asks you what you’re supposed to be, proceed to stare that person in the eyes, make certain they know you acknowledged their question and then blatantly ignore them. Never EVER reveal your secrets, Posvar statue.


Photo by Ani Kolleshi via Unsplash

A Premed Student

Have a pair of scrubs just laying around? Yeah, don’t we all? Put those scrubs on, throw your hair up in a messy bun, show up to Hillman with an iced coffee, open up your laptop and then proceed to tell to everyone around you how hard being a premed student is. Be sure to track the exact amount of hours and minutes you’ve been sitting in Hillman so that when you leave you get the pleasure of telling people that you can’t believe you “spent five hours and twenty-eight minutes in the library today.”


Photo by Kal Visuals via Unsplash

That Super Chill Graduate TA

Make that freshman year graduate-TA-that-you-always-kinda-wanted-to-be-best friends-with proud with this number. All you have to wear are your favorite pair of clean-cut jeans, some sneakers that could pass as dress shoes if you’re not looking hard enough, a flannel buttoned all the way up and the obligatory pen resting delicately behind your ear. Insist on everyone calling you by your first name so aggressively that it becomes slightly concerning and always drop some twitter speak in your discussions so to remind everyone (including yourself) that even though you’re nearing thirty you’re still hip and young enough to joke with eighteen-year-olds. Oh, and don’t forget to let recitation out twenty minutes early because “you’re tired.”


Photo by Maria Oswalt via Unsplash


Wait, oh actually there’s no costume for this one. No one could ever be Cathy and HC does not support any attempted recreations of this Goddess.


Photo by Michelle Bixby via Penn State News

Bonus Costume!

Looking for a quick and easy joke costume? Just put on a Penn State jersey and you’ll be the funniest person in the room!