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Pitt Girls Go International: Studying Abroad in Spain


A soon to be Senior at the University of Pittsburgh, Amanda Klock is studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain this Summer for seven weeks. Here the girls are visiting a beach in Cadaques, Spain. 
Pitt girls just aren’t the kind to sit around bored for long!  Amanda is joined by her amigas Carly S., Kara S., and Natalie C.

Pitt girls look “caliente” no matter where they are! 
Good luck, have fun, and be safe girls!

Have your own pictures of you studying abroad this Summer?! 
Pick your favorite and send it in to [email protected].
Chances are you WILL see it up right here!

Derilyn Devlin graduates from Pitt in April 2012. She is excited to leave the University of Pittburgh Her Campus to Mandy Velez and Claire Peltier as the new campus correspondents. 
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