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The Past Month in Oakland as Told by Spongebob

It’s been a pretty crazy January…

When you come back to campus and you haven’t even recovered from last semester yet       

And you get assigned a ton of work right off the bat.

Then you find out that there was a shooting in South O…

Anddddd a stabbing on your street… So you vow never to leave your house again.

When you finally leave and you get pooped on by all the crows.

Then two days later you find out that your water is contaminated.

And then you go out to get some water bottles and there are none left. None. So you try to find a solution.

Then the next day, after all the panicking, you find out the water is fine.

And you are wondering what other crazy things are going to occur before the semester ends.

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Hi! I'm a junior at Pitt and I finally learned how to pump my own gas (But only at some gas stations - sorry, I'm from Jersey). I'm a big fan of cities, fast cars, alternative music and thinking outside the bun.